Lindy 20 September 1975



  • Hettie High and Mighty! – first episode (unknown artist (Merry))
  • The Pointing Finger (artist Jesus Redondo)
  • Poor Law Polly (artist Roy Newby)
  • Defiant Daisy (artist Diane Gabbot)
  • Pavement Patsy (artist Miguel Quesada)
  • Finleg the Fox – first episode (artist Barrie Mitchell)
  • Penny Crayon (artist unknown)
  • The Tin-Mine Ponies – last episode (artist Manuel Cuyàs)
  • Hard Days for Hilda (artist Dudley Wynne; writer Terence Magee)

Lindy was the first of two comics to merge with Jinty. She was one of the many short-lived comics which did not survive past the first year and got swallowed by mergers very quickly. But Lindy was short-lived even by the standards of a short-lived girls’ comic; she lasted only 20 issues while most short-lived girls’ comics were usually cancelled around the 30th issue or so.

The merge came on 8 November 1975. This issue of Lindy is notable for the first episodes of “Hettie High and Mighty!” and “Finleg the Fox”, the two Lindy serials which would conclude in the merger. Unlike Penny in 1980, Lindy contributed little to Jinty because she lacked regulars to carry on after her serials concluded. Not even her resident cartoon, “Penny Crayon”, lasted long in the merger. But it is possible that  Lindy‘s scripts and writers had more influence on the merger because it featured several historic period stories such as “Bound for Botany Bay“. And Lindy seemed to have a stronger emphasis on such stories than Jinty, with serials like “Nina Nimble Fingers”, “Poor Law Polly” and “Hard Days for Hilda”. Lindy also brought artist Roy Newby to Jinty; he had illustrated period stories for Lindy and would do the same for the merger, including “Bound for Botany Bay”.

11 thoughts on “Lindy 20 September 1975

  1. There was a Penny Crayon cartoon series that aired on the BBC sometime after she appeared in Jinty. As far as I’m aware it’s the same character and was by cartoonist Peter Maddocks.

  2. Quite interesting to compare to a Jinty issue of the same publication date – the list of the story titles in Jinty is much more varied. Lindy has 7 out of 9 stories with a main character’s name as the main component – “Poor Law Polly, “Defiant Daisy”. The Jinty issue only has 3 stories with names in the title, and even then it strikes me that “Ping-Pong Paula” is a slightly cleverer usage of this formula.

  3. So Lindy folded after 20 issues? That is short-lived, even for a short-lived comic. Usually they last about 30 issues or so.

  4. Terry Magee has been in contact to say that he originated the idea for “Hettie High-and-Mighty”, which he titled “Miss High-and-Mighty”. He’s not sure if he wrote the first episode of it and certainly didn’t write all of it, but he did come up with the initial idea. This is all painting quite an interesting picture of the back-and-forth between editors and writers and so on! As well as of changes of story titles – I think the final title of “Hettie High-and-Mighty” is a bit stronger than the initial version, and of course fits in with the usual thing of using a character’s name.

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