Jinty and Lindy 9 April 1977

Jinty and Lindy 9 April 1977

“Creepy Crawley” starts this issue; this is one of the best of Jinty‘s spooky stories in my opinion, with Trini Tinturé’s gorgeous artwork powering it along. Jean Crawley is a winner at everything in life, but when a rival comes along who threatens to take it all, she’s not good at handling defeat gracefully. A mysterious scarab brooch seems to offer the chance to get back on top… but of course there is always a price.

Spooky stories are the domain of Gypsy Rose, whose tales of mystery and magic have started being published in Jinty by this point. (This one is clearly drawn for this comic rather than having been reprinted from elsewhere with Gypsy Rose hastily drawn in afterwards, as happened towards the end of the run.) This whole issue is pretty heavy on the spookiness, in fact, as the next story (“Spell of the Spinning Wheel”) is another tale of a cursed object with an unwanted effect on a girl who comes in contact with it – Rowan Lindsay’s mother relies on her new spinning wheel to spin wool for the shop, but Rowan hates it because ever since she pricked her finger on it, she gets irresistibly sent to sleep by any loud humming noise. Having said that, “Mark of the Witch!” is not really a story of the supernatural, but of a girl who is made into a local outcast because of her bad temper and her dark streak in her blonde hair – a scapegoat.

Stories in this issue:

  • Creepy Crawley (artist Trini Tinturé)
  • Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Gypsy Rose: The Bells
  • Spell of the Spinning Wheel (artist Jim Baikie)
  • Alley Cat
  • The Darkening Journey (artist José Casanovas)
  • Made-Up Mandy (artist Audrey Fawley)
  • Freda, False Friend (artist Phil Gascoine)
  • Mark of the Witch! (artist Phil Townsend)

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