Jinty & Lindy 4 September 1976


  • Rose among the Thornes – first episode (artist Jim Baikie)
  • Alley Cat
  • Stefa’s Heart of Stone (artist Phil Townsend, writer Alison Christie)
  • Fran of the Floods (Phil Gascoine)
  • Champion in Hiding (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Horse from the Sea (artist Rodrigo Comos)
  • Sisters at War! (artist Trini Tinturé)
  • Snobby Shirl the Shoeshine Girl! (artist José Casanovas)
  • Daisy Drudge and Milady Maud – first episode (artist Ken Houghton)

The Lindy logo is still on the Jinty cover. This is the only thing left from Lindy, which had little to offer to the merger except Penny Crayon. But Penny has gone and Alley Cat is the regular cartoon now.

“Fran of the Floods”, which began in January, is still going. But the floods have abated and we are promised the conclusion with the next issue. That means this story has run for 10 months, which makes it one of Jinty’s longest serials.

“Champion in Hiding” has changed artists. It started with Mario Capaldi but is now being drawn by Hugh Thornton-Jones. Thornton-Jones took over from Capaldi for a while with Katie Jinx too during 1976.

Meanwhile, Stefa discovers her heart is not as stony as she thought when she discovers that there is a girl in her class who is a dead ringer for her late friend Joy! But she still has not woken up to the error of her ways. Neither has Snobby Shirl, who still hasn’t learned humility. However, Shirl is becoming less selfish when she sets out to rescue her friend Alice, who has been taken prisoner by a sheikh. But Shirl discovers that she may be shining shoes at last when the sheikh sets her to clean a row of them that is a mile long!

Another snob starts to learn humility the hard way too, in the new story “Daisy Drudge and Milady Maud”. This story comes from the tradition in girls’ comics of a rich girl and Victorian maid who swop places (and happen to bear a physical resemblance to each other, so the switch goes unnoticed or disbelieved). In this case, the swop occurs by accident rather than voluntarily or through trickery. And Lady Daisy De Vere, a rich, snobby girl who looks down on servants and the other half, is going to find out just how hard their lives are – the hard way. Meanwhile, Maud the servant girl finds herself going to a finishing school in Daisy’s place.

And another new story, “Rose among the Thornes”, we see Rose Smith start her crusade against her greedy relatives, the Thornes, whose development plans threaten people’s homes, including her gran’s. The Thornes have made a good start already, by tricking gran into signing over the cottage to them.



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