Jinty & Lindy 11 December 1976

Jinty 11 December 1976

  • Go On, Hate Me! (artist Keith Robson)
  • Gertie Grit, the Hateful Brit! (artist Paul White)
  • Stefa’s Heart of Stone – final episode (artist Phil Townsend, writer Alison Christie)
  • Made-Up Mandy (artist Audrey Fawley)
  • Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh-Thornton Jones)
  • The Big Cat (artist Ana Rodriguez)
  • Girl in a Bubble – final episode (artist Phil Gascoine, writer Pat Mills)
  • Alley Cat
  • Daisy Drudge and Milady Maud (Ken Houghton)

Strangely, in the previous issue, “Go On, Hate Me!” had started on the front cover. But here it starts on the next page in favour of a three-panel cover. Yet “Go On, Hate Me!” still gets a feature panel on the cover. Inside, Hetty Blake does win the race in the most determined, heroic manner you can imagine despite the tricks Jo plays on her. But her victory is greeted with stony silence by the girls who wrongly blame her for Carol’s death. Afterwards, Hetty is shattered to discover that Jo is one of them too. And the blurb for next week tells us the campaign against Hetty will intensify. No doubt Jo will be playing a hand there.

After weeks of nothing that sems to get through to Stefa about how silly she is about turning her heart to stone, she finally learns her lesson when, ironically, she gets what she wants! An accident turns her into a robot, incapable of feeling emotion. Stefa finally understands what it really means to have a heart of stone. But the solution to everything comes when a bolt of lightning destroys Stefa’s statue and teaches her that stone is not as indestructible as she thinks. Hmm, hand of God here?

“Girl in a Bubble” ends too – in near murder when Miss Vaal tries to suffocate Helen in the bubble by turning off the air supply. And it is the end of the bubble itself, which is left deflated and ripped where Helen broke out of it with her knife.

Gertie meets Attila the Hun – and it is thanks to her that he is the Attila the Hun of history. Before she showed up, he was a bit of a hippie, with flowers in his hair, and into peace and learning the gentle arts of civilization. By the time Gertie is off again, Attila is back to war – much to the delight of his people.

This week’s episode of “Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag” is one that readers are bound to love – teaching a bully teacher a lesson! The teacher snatches Henrietta from Sue without a by-your-leave and dumps chalk in her to carry to class. You are asking for it there, Miss! Sue knows all too well that putting anything in Henrietta is asking for trouble, especially if it is something she does not like. Of course, the bully teacher’s punishment is inflicted by the chalk once Henrietta gets to work on it.

Daisy’s family send their reply to Maud about  the letter she sent explaining the mixup with Daisy. Maud is surprised to see their reply is a bird. What on earth is the point of that? Ah, that is something we will have to find out next issue. Meanwhile, Daisy completes her dangerous escape from the cruel mansion in one piece, but is now a fugitive. The search for her will surely start soon. Can she get help before that happens?

In “The Big Cat”, Ruth and Ayesha become targets of a search too. They escape the circus but soon discover the cruel circus owner has alerted the authorities about the ‘dangerous cheetah’.

Mandy’s talent for makeup continues to manifest when she re-does the makeup for Elizabeth the birthday girl. Both of them discover new-found confidence. And something has started now that plain Mandy has discovered she can be a glamour girl when she puts on makeup herself.


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