Jinty & Penny 14 February 1981

Jinty cover 10.jpg 002

(Cover artist: Mario Capaldi)

  • Pam of Pond Hill (artist Bob Harvey, writer Jay Over)
  • The Ghost Dancer (artist Phil Townsend)
  • Friends for All Time – Gypsy Rose story (artist Trini Tinturé)
  • Behind the Screen – the Muppet Show
  • Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Tansy of Jubilee Street (artist Ken Houghton)
  • Land of No Tears (artist Guy Peeters, writer Pat Mills)
  • No Medals for Marie (artist Phil Gascoine)
  • Life’s a Ball for Nadine (artist Mario Capaldi)

This is another of my favourite Jinty sports covers. The composition and the use of the yellow space against the rest of the colours in the foreground is so eye-catching. And the activity (I would not call yoga a sport) is a nice, relaxing change of pace from the usual active sports such as tennis or hockey. I myself like yoga and I know the girls are positioned in shoulder stands, headstands and ploughs.

As we see from the heart in the background, our yoga practitioners probably have their minds on Valentines Day. Yes, it is the Valentine issue. The back cover provides instructions for making your own Valentine heart, which you can either wear or put on a Valentine card. Inside, though, there isn’t so much as a Valentines Day card in any of the stories. It is all business as usual.

“Land of No Tears”, “The Ghost Dancer” and “No Medals for Marie” all began in the New Year issue. Now they enter their seventh episodes and approximate mid-way points. In “Land of No Tears”, Cassy allows herself to take heavy punishment to save her friend Miranda, and is rewarded in a way she never dreamed of. In “The Ghost Dancer”, Ferne’s now in an even bigger mess than before. Her bid to escape discovery backfires when it intensifies the rumours that her mother’s ghost is haunting the ballet school. Marie’s parents are even more upset that there are “No Medals for Marie”, and all because of the hold Marie’s godmother has over her.

In “Pam of Pond Hill”, Mr Gold (Goldilocks) the strict headmaster takes Pam and Co by surprise when he decides what to do about the anti-uniform news sheet they have been circulating. Their punishment is to produce a lower school magazine in one month! And so The Pond Hill Printout is born.

The Gypsy Rose story is one that Misty would be proud of. Nasty Aunt Gladys abuses her niece Karen. Karen takes retreat in daydreaming and an old dress from Mathilda, godmother to Karen’s grandmother, but these really aggravate Aunt Gladys. She looks on them as forms of lunacy inherited from Mathilda, whom she believes was mad. But is it madness or something that will give Karen the last laugh over her cruel aunt?


One thought on “Jinty & Penny 14 February 1981

  1. You’re right: this cover, and some of the other sporting covers, like the one featuring windsurfers, is really exquisite. They stand out from any other girls’ comics I’ve seen! It’s so clean too, in terms of overlaid text or text boxes – it’s just really special. The illustration in Girl (the 1950s run) was beautiful, but sometimes the covers were more about an exciting plot than letting the illustration be appreciated for its own sake.

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