Jinty 29 April 1978

Jinty cover.jpg

  • Concrete Surfer (writer Pat Mills)
  • Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Slave of the Swan (artist Guy Peeters)
  • Alley Cat
  • Waking Nightmare (artist Phil Townsend)
  • The Zodiac Prince (artist Trini Tinturé)
  • The Birds – first episode (artist Keith Robson)
  • Shadow on the Fen (artist Douglas Perry)
  • Cathy’s Casebook (artist Terry Aspin)

Alfred Hitchcock meets Jinty in this issue, which begins the first episode of The Birds. Strangely, this story, like The Changeling, only lasted three episodes when there was potential to take it further. But unlike The Changeling it has the standard three pages.

Waking Nightmare is on its penultimate episode. Phil’s trapped under some rubble and confused Carol needs to get a doctor. But she is still terrified of doctors, hence the dilemma that leaves the penultimate episode on its cliffhanger.

The Concrete Surfer gets a skateboarding club going, but her slippery, smarmy cousin Carol steals the credit. And when Jean tries to get some fun in with the other members, Carol triumphs yet again when the teacher is not impressed.

Progress is made in Shadow on the Fen when the Witchfinder’s wand is destroyed. Unfortunately the girls couldn’t get to his knife and book of spells, so the Shadow is still out there.

Cathy’s in big trouble. She left the phone off the hook so her dad won’t be bothered on his night off. Unfortunately this caused dad to miss an emergency call and Cathy unwittingly put a boy’s life in danger! Fortunately the boy pulls through, but it’s a lesson Cathy won’t forget. Later in the episode, Cathy finds an emergency of her own, and it is up to her to fetch help.

The Slave is becoming ever more ensnared in the power of the Swan. The Swan has created a false past for her Slave and now is adding “thief” to that past to stir things up for her.

The Zodiac Prince stands in for a clown, who is one unhappy clown with a broken heart. Shrimp warns the Prince that being a circus clown is not as easy as he thinks, and the blurb on what happens next week indicates that she is right.

6 thoughts on “Jinty 29 April 1978

  1. I drew ‘The Birds’ so can tell you that the writer was ‘Buster’ editor Len (Lennox) Wenn, Before going freelance in 1975 I was a staffer so Len and I were old friends.Len also wrote ‘Go On, Hate Me’ and many other Jinty serials.

    1. Thank you for that information, Keith! I’ll add it to the entries as soon as I can. Do you remember what other Jinty serials Len wrote?

      1. (Mistyfan, I’ve added Len Wenn as a tag to the Birds entry but left you to put the new information in your own words as it’s your post.)

      2. I’ve amended the entry. Keith says Len wrote “Go On, Hate Me!”, so that has gone in too. Keith says Len wrote many other Jinty serials but didn’t give their titles. I’ve asked Keith for more information. I wonder if they include other stories that Keith illustrated, such as “The Goose Girl” and “Jassy’s Wand of Power”.

    2. Thank you from me too, Keith! Great to hear from you. Would you be up for answering a few questions on your time as an artist on Jinty, similarly to the interview with Terry Magee (here)?

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