Jinty 10 June 1978

Jinty cover.jpg

  • Concrete Surfer – final episode (writer Pat Mills)
  • Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow (artist Phil Townsend, writer Alison Christie)
  • Knight and Day
  • Clancy on Trial (artist Ron Lumsden)
  • The Zodiac Prince (artist Trini Tinturé)
  • Slave of the Swan (artist Guy Peeters)
  • Cathy’s Casebook (artist Terry Aspin)

This issue features an Alley Cat contest that will have its own entry shortly. Interestingly, his paw is white on the cover. Does he always have white paws or did someone forget to colour it the same way as his face?

It is the final episode of Concrete Surfer. Carol has fooled even the doctor with her sick act to get attention (or maybe her illness was genuine at first and she traded on it after a secret recovery?). It looks like Carol not only has the final triumph over Jean but ruined things for her parents – until….

In the next issue we will see Dance into Darkness, drawn by the same Concrete Surfer artist. Yes, Jinty is keeping up her habit of starting new stories with the same artists who had just finished the previous ones. She must have liked to keep her artists busy.

In Knight and Day, Pat triumphs over her nasty cousin Janet in the pool. But like Carol, Janet turns extra nasty in her determination not to let Pat get away with that.

The Slave has discovered the secret museum of the Swan, complete with the infamous costume that went mysteriously missing. But things are getting worse for the Slave because of that spiteful Swan. She’s now branded an arsonist as well as a thief and been isolated in the cellar – where the Swan herself turns up in costume to pay her a midnight visit! But how is this possible when the Swan is supposed to be crippled? It is here we notice one thing about that costume – it is very good at concealing the wearer’s face.

The Zodiac Prince is in big trouble for breaking the rules with his gifts. And on top of this, it looks like his latest gift is going to backfire on him!

Grandad’s pleased to see Clancy learning to walk, but he is as relentless as ever in his determination to test her and his latest test seems inhuman for a girl who is still walking with canes. But Clancy’s will is as strong as his and she is determined to find a way.

Cathy is blamed for food poisoning. But once she traces the true source of the food poisoning – home made fudge made in filthy conditions – everything is sorted out happily, even for the man who made the fudge. But as usual, no sooner has one case been closed when another comes along for Cathy’s Casebook.

In Somewhere over the Rainbow, Dorrie and Max Peters are not only shattered over the sudden loss of their parents but end up at social welfare. Nonetheless, Dorrie still believes there is happiness over the rainbow for them somewhere. But where’s the rainbow?


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