Celebrating My 100th Entry with Alley Cat’s Cartoon Contest!

This is my 100th entry on this blog! Yes, my 100th entry! So it is hardly the time for an entry on a story or cover as I usually do.  Instead, I am bringing something special, funny and creative: Alley Cat’s Cartoon Contest.

I came across this old contest when I pulled out some old Jintys from 1978. The competition was introduced on 10 June 1978. And what was it about? Take it away, meiowstro!

100th entry 1.jpg

The contest may be long since over, but I could not resist having a go at it with a few things of my own for Alley Cat to say:

  • “Ah, phooey! My one chance for a selfie with Nessie and I forget my iPhone!”
  • “Good grief! What’s all this pollution done to the water?”
  • “Those conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day!”
  • “Yikes! It’s the monster from the Gypsy Rose tale last week!”
  • “Now that’s an idea for a Jinty serial!”
  • “Oh no! Someone’s been dumping radioactive waste again!”
  • “Melvyn, I think we’ve ended up in Misty by mistake!”
  • “I think this is what they call the catch of the day!”
  • “Hey Melvyn, what price do you think this would fetch at the chippie?”
  • “I can just see my Facebook now…”
  • “Watch out, Melvyn – you might get the tail end!”
  • “Now I know where that flying saucer went!”

And the winners were published on 29 July 1978. The response was huge and popular (but for collectors, it must have meant hundreds of copies with holes in that entry coupon page).

100th entry 2.jpg 100th entry 3.jpg




6 thoughts on “Celebrating My 100th Entry with Alley Cat’s Cartoon Contest!

        1. Thank you. I wonder what the editor would have thought of that one if I’d been able to submit it?

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