(Just over) Two hundred posts, and a bit of a look back

It’s been four or five months since we celebrated the 100th post on this blog; things have moved a little slower in the second hundred posts than in the first hundred, but I’m glad to say we’re still going strong.

Back on the 100th post, I asked what people would like to see more of, apart from the posts on individual issues and stories.

  • More artists and creators! And more discussion of the background and development of Jinty.
  • More analytical posts
  • There was some discussion of the different natures / ‘personalities’ of the different comics titles (Marionette’s comment “I’ve always thought that the prime three IPC girls comics, Tammy, Misty, and Jinty, have distinct personalities. It’s in the style of the stories they tell, as well as the subject matter, but often it’s cumulative. There are lots of individual stories I’ve found in early Tammy that don’t really fit the Tammy style, but it’s still there in the background. Jinty begins almost as a Tammy clone, with stories like “Make Believe Mandy”, which is pure Tammy, but it soon picks up its own style.”)

Since then, we have posted items on more creators, taking the total of articles on this up to around 8 – many more to do, of course. There has also been some discussion recently about identifying artists, and the tangles that can result in different attributions floating around – again there is more to be done on this, to see if a couple of conundrums can be resolved.

As for analytics – shortly after the 100th post I wrote about my invention of a WTFometer, which I want to get back to as a tool to analyse more stories. I think it could also be interesting as a comparison of a single creator – for instance, Pat Mills wrote a pure SF story, an SF-tinged story, and a sports story. Does this tool emphasise how different the three stories are, or highlight some hidden similarity? I also wrote about interesting omissions: ‘what sort of stories did Jinty not cover?’. There will be more along these lines, for sure.

We have recently branched out into posts on story themes; the notion that there is a ‘type’ that suits one comics title more than another fits into these discussions quite relevantly. The Cinderella theme, for instance, is more prevalent in Tammy than in Jinty, and the Slave story likewise; but the Science Fiction theme perhaps has the reverse pattern of frequency.

As well as starting to post on story types, we’ve also been posting on special publications – annuals, summer specials – and on special features in individual issues. At the same time we haven’t stopped writing about individual issues, or individual stories: at a rough guess I think we’ve covered around or just under half of the individual issues, though probably not as many of the individual stories.

So, over to you: more of anything in particular? A step into new areas? A particular old favourite creator or story to cover sooner rather than later? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “(Just over) Two hundred posts, and a bit of a look back

  1. I’ve enjoyed the look at story themes, I find that even though the same themes appear again and again, writers still managed to keep the stories varied within these themes (a lot of the time anyway!). I am also looking forward to a summary of “Battle of the Wills”
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thank you! I want to do a Sports story theme post soon. I agree it is quite impressive how much variation there can be in a single overall theme.

      Battle of the Wills would also be good to do soon, not sure if Mistyfan has it on her list as one she’d like, but in any case one of us will get to it I’m sure!

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