Jinty Holiday Special 1982

Jinty special

  • Adventure Holiday (artist Diane Gabbot)
  • My Friend Conker (text story)
  • Go on a Nature Trail! (quiz)
  • Piers of the Realm (feature)
  • Let’s Go Fly a Kite! (feature)
  • A Puppet Bash (feature)
  • Prince of the Wild (Veronica Weir)
  • Shells ‘n’ Things! (feature)
  • Star Signs Mean? (feature)
  • Invasion of the Telly Monsters (artist Joe Collins)
  • It’s Party Time! (feature)
  • How Confident are You? (quiz)
  • Sew a Simple Suntop (feature)
  • Happy Families (text story)
  • Sogi Bahg the Teapot Geni! (artist Joe Collins)
  • Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? (feature)
  • Happy Holidays! (feature)

This Jinty holiday special is Jinty in name only. Nothing in the contents is the least bit Jinty, not even the cartoons. No Snoopa or Alley Cat anywhere. Soggy Bahg the Teapot Geni holds promise as a regular humour strip, but to the best of my knowledge has never appeared anywhere except here. The other Joe Collins feature, “Invasion of the Telly Monsters” is an actual story, about a girl named Nelly who is addicted to television. Then she is whisked away to Tellytrog Land, a land filled with telly monsters who are addicted to television. The Tellytrogs are enslaving the Lyttl people, and once they are done, will invade Earth. Nelly foils their plot by turning television against them. Once Queen Trog views British Saturday viewing, she is put off invading Earth instantly and agrees to release the Lyttl people. But Nelly’s encounter with the Teletrogs has her cutting down on television.

Only two picture stories appear. One is “Prince of the Wild”, which is reprinted from Tammy. This is a full-length serial and therefore takes more room in the special. The other picture story, “Adventure Holiday”, is probably reprinted from elsewhere too, as Diana Gabbot was not a Jinty artist. The other stories are text stories. All the spot illustrations throughout the special are drawn by the same artist.

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