Jinty 14 April 1979

Jinty cover 4 1

  • Alice in a Strange Land (artist Terry Aspin)
  • Bizzie Bet and the Easies (Richard Neillands)
  • The Forbidden Garden (artist Jim Baikie)
  • Alley Cat
  • Prisoner of the Bell (artist Phil Gascoine)
  • I’ll Make Up for Mary (artist Guy Peeters)
  • The Princess’s Champion (feature/text story)
  • Daughter of  Dreams
  • Jet-setting with Paul Young
  • The Four-Footed Friends (Peter Wilkes)
  • Children of Edenford (artist Phil Townsend)

It’s Jinty’s Easter issue for 1979, but the only thing that celebrates Easter is the cover. Inside, it is business as usual. Even Alley Cat is up to his war against Spotty Muchloot instead of fossicking an Easter treat, and the craft-and-make on the cover is to make a mobile rather than something for Easter.

Meanwhile, “Alice in a Strange Land” goes in search of Chana in a deserted city, and is shocked to find her suddenly turned into an old woman! In “The Forbidden Garden“, grotty Gladvis discovers a victim fit for blackmailing in Laika. Laika is to be blackmailed into gruelling work at Gladvis’s uncle’s food-processing plant in the industrial zone. The industrial zone is infamous for giving its workers all the “awful jobs”, and it is here that Laika and the reader get a taste of it first hand. So we get an idea of what Laika’s father will go through at work when the family is transferred to the industrial zone later in the story.

In “Prisoner of the Bell“, Susie loses Lorraine, her only protection against her gran at Harford Manor. Lorraine is forced to take the blame to prevent Susie from being expelled after Gran’s dirty trick. Susie begins to pick up, but soon Gran and her bell strike again.

In “I’ll Make Up For Mary”, Ann tries acting to make up for Mary, but stage fright ruins everything and it’s another failure. Pity Ann doesn’t have a magic companion as Sally Carter does in “Daughter of Dreams” to pep her up when shyness takes over.

A photograph of the slums the common people come from does shock Mrs Marshall, but not enough to stop her campaign against them and “The Four-Footed Friends“. The heat is on with Josie’s counter-campaign. Then Winston gets sick and Mrs Marshall blames Riley.

Patti has succumbed to the power that turns “Children of Edenford” into goody-goodies. But then she discovers its weakness – shedding tears breaks the power. Now she has a secret weapon.

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