Jinty 3 February 1979

JInty cover 7

  • The Girl Who Never Was (artist Terry Aspin)
  • Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow (artist Phil Townsend, writer Alison Christie Fitt)
  • Alley Cat
  • Prisoner of the Bell (artist Phil Gascoine)
  • Sea-Sister (artist Peter Wilkes)
  • She Shall Have Music (artist Ron Smith)
  • Fran’ll Fix It! (Jim Baikie)
  • Heard the Latest? (pop feature)
  • I’ll Make up for Mary (artist Guy Peeters)

A poignant cover featuring “Sea-Sister”. It’s a sad time for the Sea-Sister because she has hit a point where it looks like she has failed in her mission. Jane’s Dad has appropriated the stone that has to be returned to the submerged village of Ullapond. The Sea-Sister hatches a plan to get it back, but in doing so puts Dad’s life in danger.

Things are really dangerous for Tina “The Girl Who Never Was” as well. She has been found guilty of casting the illegal spell and sentence is about to be passed, which is to be turned into a statue forever and ever. We get a taste of how justice works in this magic world in that Tina never stands trial or given a chance to defend herself; the tribunal just turns up ready to pass the sentence. Talk about being convicted in absentia. After this, she can’t stay in the magic world any longer, so the end of the story is coming. Tina has to get to the top of an enchanted mountain to see Selina about getting home, but must do so without thinking nasty thoughts or she will be blocked. Now that is a real test to see how much the hitherto arrogant, selfish and unlikeable girl has changed and how much she still needs to improve.

“Somewhere over the Rainbow” is now in its penultimate episode. Our runaways are nearing Rainbow’s End. Next week we will see if skies will be blue for them.

Some things have even Henrietta the Fun-Bag beat. This week she tries to cheer up Sue, who has a heavy bout of depression and says nothing will make her smile. And nothing Henrietta does makes Sue smile. But sometimes things happen by accident.

In “Prisoner of the Bell“, the mystery deepens for Susie. Her homework is done again without explanation. So is her not coming to the gym club when she was eager to do so, mud on her shoes and on Gran’s wheelchair, and Gran somehow catching a chill. All because Gran ventured out to force Susie to do her botany homework. And it gets even more ominous because Gran believes Susie will have to make more sacrifices in order to become what Gran wants her to be.

Ann finds that dressing up like Mary is not enough to “make up for Mary”. She has an encounter with bullies and realises she does not have Mary’s skills to deal with them. It would be easier for her to stop trying to be something she’s not, but she is carrying on with her determination to make up for Mary.

In “She Shall Have Music”, Lisa finally realises what an idiot she has been to let herself be blackmailed by Rosalin over her old piano. But she is not giving up on pianos and is now looking at a cleaner’s job in a music shop so she can play one in secret. Will it work out? Or is there something Lisa has not considered?

The monkey business in “Fran’ll Fix It!” gets even worse. Thanks to Fran monkeying around with the gorilla suit, a real gorilla has got loose and is now attacking the school. And Sal’s in danger because she thinks it’s Fran in the gorilla suit and is going to give it a piece of her mind!

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