Jinty 25 June 1977

Jinty cover

  • Creepy Crawley (artist Trini Tinturé)
  • Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • The Lost Locket (artist Phil Townsend) Gypsy Rose story
  • Curtain of Silence (Terry Aspin)
  • The Robot Who Cried (artist Rodrigo Comos, writer Malcolm Shaw)
  • The Darkening Journey (José Casanovas)
  • A Boy Like Bobby – first episode (artist Phil Townsend)
  • Spell of the Spinning Wheel – last episode (artist Jim Baikie)

Another of my favourite Jinty covers, and it is one of the more sombre, what with darker content exhibited in both story panels and the use of the blue background. And as we’re told that the mill pond could claim a second victim we immediately wonder – who was the first?

This issue has the final episode of Spell of the Spinning Wheel, and for some reason it’s a four-pager. So much the better. It’s hard to imagine that a bewitched spinning wheel could make a mistake – but it does. This proves its undoing at long last.

Next week another Trini Tinturé story, “Battle of the Wills” starts – and she is still drawing “Creepy Crawley”! But it’s the penultimate episode, so it is only the final episode of her current story and the first episode of her new one that will overlap in one issue. Mandy breaks the hold the scarab has over Jean, but the scarab and the insects are still in operation. A pyramid is the only thing that can stop the scarab completely, but their race towards one (a Victorian folly, but a life-saver now) gets blocked by the insects.

“A Boy Like Bobby” starts in this issue. Tessa meets Bobby, whose bigger brother is a real tough and scruff. When Tessa begins to probe, it looks like they are both kids in serious need of care. But what are their circumstances, and what will happen if Tessa steps in?

In “Curtain of Silence”, Madam Kapelski is still trying to break Yvonne. This time she forces Yvonne to cycle to exhaustion – but for once it is Madam Kapelski who has to give in when she sees what a “tigress” Yvonne is.

“The Robot Who Cried” is taken to hospital. The trouble is, the doctors don’t know she is a robot and they are in for some shocks – including their hospital equipment short-circuiting! And Thumper is all chained up and a fire threatens. Beaky is his only hope. It’s a narrow escape, but Thumper is still nowhere nearer Julie, whose sight depends on his return.

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