Jinty 4 June 1977

JInty cover 2

  • Creepy Crawley (Trini Tinturé)
  • Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • The Strawberry Handkerchief (artist Trini Tinturé) – Gypsy Rose story
  • Curtain of Silence (artist Terry Aspin)
  • Rinty ‘n’ Jinty
  • Alley Cat
  • The Robot Who Cried (artist Rodrigo Comos, writer Malcolm Shaw)
  • The Darkening Journey (artist José Casanovas)
  • Kerry in the Clouds (artist Emilia Prieto, writer Alan Davidson)
  • Spell of the Spinning Wheel (artist Jim Baikie, writer Alison Christie)

This is another cover that has stuck in my mind, although more for the top panel, which I find very colourful. As the cover states, Yvonne gets more greedy for glory and is too selfish to even think about writing to her parents. But this is also the episode where nemesis finally strikes and Yvonne begins her long, hard road of hardship that will turn her into the changed girl we expect to see by the end of the story. Yvonne does not realise that her look-alike, Olga, has been taking advantage of her to escape by planning to switch places with her at an event. But it backfires when both girls have a terrible accident and the girls switch places all right – Yvonne wakes up in hospital and finds herself transformed into Olga and no voice to tell anyone the truth!

In “Creepy Crawley”, the scarab’s power over Jean has her going to bizarre lengths in tyrannising the other school girls, such as forcing them to wear blazers in hot temperatures and slapping them for swatting ‘sacred’ flies. But Mandy does not know that Sheila has found a complete copy of the scarab book and now knows everything about the scarab, including what it is up to and how to defeat it. But the only person who can do that is Jean’s expelled rival Mandy – and Mandy is out of the picture right now because she thinks Sheila caused her expulsion and won’t listen to her.

In “Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag“, it’s comeuppance time for a teacher who goes way too far, even for a bully teacher – she forces Sue to do detention while wearing a dunce’s cap! But with Henrietta around, we know the teacher will look the dunce in the end.

Rowan is pushed too far in “Spell of the Spinning Wheel“, what with her Mum ill because of the spinning wheel, no end to her own misery, and now detestable Della really rubbing her nose in it! The panel on the cover shows what happens as a result.

“Kerry in the Clouds” is really on a high, as it looks like her name will be in the lights at long last. But we wonder about that because there is a strange look on Gail Terson’s face, the famous actress who claims to make it all possible.

“The Darkening Journey” gets even darker when our animal heroes end up in a boarding kennel. And it looks like they will have to be put down because Thumper is going blind and nobody will give a rook a home. Looks like they have to find a way out there fast in the next issue.

And in “The Robot Who Cried!”, Susan is mistaken for Katy and taken to the professor’s lab. It looks like she is set to find out the truth about Katy next week. Meanwhile, Katy is watching and is torn between robot logic and the human side of her that says to help Susan.

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