Jinty 5 November 1977

JInty cover 2 1

  • Destiny Brown (artist Rodrigo Comos)
  • Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Sonya’s Success…and Heartbreak (feature)
  • Guardian of White Horse Hill (artist Julian Vivas; writer Pat Mills)
  • The Goose Girl – final episode (artist Keith Robson; writer Alison Christie Fitt)
  • Alley Cat
  • Stage Fright! (artist Phil Townsend)
  • The Thirteenth Hour – Gypsy Rose story (artist Douglas Perry)
  • Land of No Tears – first episode (artist Guy Peeters; writer Pat Mills)
  • Fran’ll Fix It! (artist Jim Baikie)

This is the issue that starts “Jinty’s smash-hit story from 1977” (the blurb that came with its reprint in 1981) – “Land of No Tears”. Cassy Shaw trades on her bad leg to win sympathy, so is not keen on the operation to fix the problem. But then she finds herself in a future world where there is no sympathy for girls like her. In fact, there is no sympathy anywhere, because this is not only a world that demands perfection and treats less-than-perfect people as an inferior class, but also where the expression of emotion is outlawed, especially the shedding of tears.

It is also the Guy Fawkes issue, and Alley Cat and Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag celebrate with the fireworks stories. Henrietta re-enacts the Guy Fawkes story, but causes mayhem because she does not fully understand what it is about. However, it gets the pupils the afternoon off, and they’re not complaining about that, of course. Meanwhile, Spotty straps Alley Cat to one of his rockets for his fireworks display. But it backfires and Alley Cat gets the last laugh on Spotty.

In “Stage Fright”, Linda discovers the history of the mystery girl,  and she discovers something else as well – Lady Alice has been poisoning the girl against her!

“Destiny Brown” has been tied up and gagged and left to die in a building scheduled for demolition. It’s also the penultimate episode, and we are promised news of three new stories in the next Jinty. One of them will replace “The Goose Girl”, which concludes in this issue. Glenda has missed her interview because of Mum, but gets something even better – it turns out that the interviewer is the one person who can get through to Mum and ensure the happy ending.

Janey’s guardians think she needs expert help and send her away for it – but we know the “Guardian of White Horse Hill” is going to step in. In fact, he helps Janey escape by encouraging her to jump off the train in pouring rain and onto his back!

In “Fran’ll Fix It!”, the girls are fed up with camping and want to go back to school. And after being lumbered with spud-bashing, Fran is only too happy to fix it for them. The trouble is, her fixing is meeting its match in their potty headmistress. Something needs to happen fast or Fran will be thrown in the duck pond!

Gypsy Rose‘s tale, “The Thirteenth Hour” concerns a Queen Anne clock that strikes thirteen. Why did it strike thirteen, and does it have any connection with Sharon Bayne giving her brother a hard time for breaking her alarm clock and vowing never to forgive him?

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