Jinty 13 October 1979

Jinty cover 5

  • Almost Human (artist Terry Aspin)
  • Village of Fame (artist Jim Baikie)
  • My Heart Belongs to Buttons – (artist Peter Wilkes)
  • Gwen’s Quiz Show (feature)
  • Bizzie Bet and the Easies (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Can You Put Down Miss Know-All? (Quiz)
  • Waves of Fear (artist Phil Gascoine)
  • Combing Her Golden Hair (artist Phil Townsend)
  • Miss Make-Believe (unknown artist – Merry)
  • Black Sheep of the Bartons – (artist Guy Peeters, writer Alison Christie)
  • Autumn Leaves Brooch (feature)

“Full of gripping fiction of all kinds!” says the cover, and it starts off with a disturbing imminent image of child abuse – Gran is about to cut off Tamsin’s hair. Fortunately Dad has gotten home on shore leave in the nick of time and stops her. Tamsin finds out he knows the reason for Gran’s conduct, but he won’t tell her. Meanwhile, Tamsin goes into open rebellion against her Gran by smashing the glasses Gran forces her to wear now she has realised they are just plain glass. The mystery is deepening in all directions. And we are told it is going to get even deeper next week when Tamsin confronts her gran.

In “Waves of Fear”, Clare’s parents have become so harsh with her that they say they don’t have a daughter anymore. Their words seem more prophetic than they realise because in this episode it looks like they are about to lose Clare altogether. Not knowing what else to do, Clare heads back to the cave to understand her panic. But she becomes overwhelmed by it again, and then by the bullies at school, who throw her into the cave pool. But they didn’t know there was an extremely powerful current below, and now it looks like Clare is going to drown. More gripping stuff here too!

It’s part two of “The Black Sheep of the Bartons”. Bev finds that the academy is not bringing her the freedom she expected – the school has its rules too, and they’re even more maddening for Bev than her parents’ rules. She’s up in rebellion against them, happy to be the black sheep of the school, and is oblivious to the fact that she is putting herself on the road to expulsion. Something needs to happen, and the blurb for the next issue tells us it’s going to be judo. Will judo save Bev from expulsion? And in part two of “My Heart Belongs to Buttons”, Julie is having a hard time with the new dog. Clearly it has been too soon and the new dog has reopened Julie’s grief.

In “Village of Fame”, Mandy begins to transcend her selfishness and agrees to help Sue. But the baddies are keeping one step ahead of them and have destroyed a vital piece of evidence. Next week we are told that Mandy is going to disappear. Yikes! How far is Mandy’s crooked uncle going to go there?

We have a very interesting quiz in this issue – do you know enough to take on Miss Know-All? You know, the sanctimonious know-all who is constantly showing off his/her knowledge and putting everyone else down with it? This quiz certainly tests your general knowledge, and don’t we wish we could put down a know-all? But they’re not easy because they always like to come up with some new knowledge to show off with.

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