Jinty 2 July 1977

Jinty cover 3

  • Creepy Crawley – final episode (artist Trini Tinturé)
  • Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • The Wish on Devil Rock! Gypsy Rose story (artist Trini Tinturé)
  • Curtain of Silence (artist Terry Aspin)
  • Step on It! (feature)
  • Alley Cat
  • The Jeff Phillips Story… (feature)
  • The Robot Who Cried (artist Rodrigo Comos; writer Malcolm Shaw)
  • The Darkening Journey (artist José Casanovas)
  • A Boy Like Bobby – (artist Phil Townsend)
  • Battle of the Wills – first episode (artist Trini Tinturé)

This is one Jinty cover where the two panel format shows us artwork from the same artist, which in this case is Trini Tinturé. In fact, Jinty worked Tinturé more than usual here because Tinturé illustrates three stories in this issue! Not even Phil Gascoine worked that hard in the issues where his stories overlapped.

The first Tinturé story is the final episode of “Creepy Crawley” and the race to get the scarab to the pyramid that can negate its power before the insect invasion takes over. Jinty’s irrepressible and unforgettable “Fran’ll Fix It!” takes its place next week. The second is the Gypsy Rose story where a girl makes a wish for riches on a rock called “The Devil’s Rock” because it is shaped like the Devil’s head. But she soon finds out that you are asking for trouble when you make a wish on a rock like that! The third is one of Jinty’s well-remembered stories, “Battle of the Wills”. Kate Wills wants to be a gymnast but her grandmother keeps pushing her to be a ballerina. Kate decides the answer is to have a scientist make a clone of her so she can cover both ballet and gymnastics at the same time. But could Kate be asking for double trouble?

Elsewhere in this issue, Yvonne learns the backstory of Olga, the girl she is forced to impersonate in “Curtain of Silence”. The backstory also drops a hint that could play a key role in rescuing Yvonne. Then again, it might be Yvonne’s plan to contact the gypsy woman who tried to warn her of danger for help. In “A Boy Like Bobby”, Tessa tries to help the boys but it just seems to get her into more trouble. However, she won’t abandon them and has plans to turn the difficult, scruffy elder brother around. Hmm… that could be easier said than done! In “The Darkening Journey” it seems to be nothing but bad luck for Thumper and Beaky this time. But there is one piece of good luck they don’t even know about – the Burtons get a tipoff about them! Katy “the Robot Who Cried” escapes from the professor and goes on the run. The trouble is, Susan insists on going with her. This could make things complicated in the next issue, when they head for Scotland. And in “Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag!”, Sue feels that someone should teach Beryl the big-headed bore a lesson. No prizes for guessing who obliges.

2 thoughts on “Jinty 2 July 1977

  1. Aw, I love this cover. I also really like “Battle of the Wills” though I must sat that Kate Wills doesn’t half have a First World problem – forced to dance, indeed. Not in comparison to some of the stories out there! She gets her selfishness shaken out of her a bit throughout the course of the story, of course.

    1. Kate was selfish, yes, but so was the grandmother in the way she keeps forcing Kate to dance although Kate makes it clear she hates it.

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