Jinty 16 July 1977

Jinty cover

  • The Robot Who Cried (artist Rodrigo Comos)
  • Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • The Magic Tambourine – Gypsy Rose Tale (artist Douglas Perry)
  • Curtain of Silence (artist Terry Aspin)
  • Rinty ‘n’ Jinty
  • It’s the Big Time for Gregg – feature
  • Fran’ll Fix It! (artist Jim Baikie)
  • For a Royal Jubilee! competition
  • The Darkening Journey (artist José Casanovas)
  • A Boy Like Bobby (artist Phil Townsend)
  • Battle of the Wills (artist Trini Tinturé)

Another of my favourite covers, which makes striking use of purple and orange. We have two supernatural stories with different themes. What’s up with Sue? Sue uses Henrietta to clean the house. But Henrietta’s spell goes wrong and Sue is now taking refuge in a tree from her angry mother and aunt. The Gypsy Rose tale of terror features a cursed tambourine that forces anyone who plays it to dance forever – and with each step they take, their feet hurt like hell! Personally, the title of the story – “The Magic Tambourine” – doesn’t strike me as particularly inspired or descriptive of a cursed tambourine. Couldn’t they come up with anything better?

“The Robot Who Cried” is on the run with Susan, but her lack of understanding about human ways is causing more problems.

An escape plan with the help of the gypsies is underway in “Curtain of Silence”. But will it work, or is one of the other threads floating around in the strip the key to rescue?

In part two of “Fran’ll Fix It!”, Fran’s “secret weapon” is revealed. Dad warned her not to use it, but it does help to save her from expulsion – on her first day – and being packed off to her ghastly aunts. Moreover, she now has two more things to keep her from being expelled – a headmistress who is potty and her friend Sal to keep an eye on her. But poor Sal reckons lion-taming would be easier!

It’s another heartbreaking miss in “The Darkening Journey” when Julie’s parents finally track down Thumper – only to find he has taken off again.

Tessa finds the boys in more dire straits than she thought in “A Boy Like Bobby”. A filthy flat, no electricity because it got cut off, no parents, and now she suspects Tommy has been stealing.

There are now more “Battle of the Wills” than ever because Dr Morrison can’t tell which is the original Kate and which is the clone. And whichever one is the clone has also cloned Kate’s hatred of ballet, which leads to more clashes with one doing the hated ballet and one doing the gymnastics she wants. But which Kate is doing which?

Jinty also publishes more readers’ ideas on what they would give the Queen for her 25th Jubilee. Ideas include kiwifruit (Chinese gooseberry), bedsocks, a Japanese miniature garden, a lucky horseshoe and 25 different rose bushes for 25 years on the throne.

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