Jinty 2 April 1977

Jinty cover 5a

The panel on the cover from the Gypsy Rose story inside makes this another cover that sticks in my memory. Mind you, “vengeful spirits” does sound like a misnomer for a story called “The Holy Stones” – even if the holy stones will crush anyone who tries to take a sacred treasure they guard. Still, the panel from the Gypsy Rose story and the panel from “Sceptre of the Toltecs” do make a nice spooky cover. Alley Cat looks a bit out of place beside the creepy panels. Maybe he was there for some light relief.

It is the final episode of “Sceptre of the Toltecs”. It will be replaced by one of Jinty’s best remembered evil influence stories – “Creepy Crawley”, about a jealous girl who uses the power of a scarab brooch to get rid of her rival. But she soon finds the scarab has an agenda of its own.

The “Spell of the Spinning Wheel” puts Rowan out of a marathon. And it’s now a whole lot harder to get rid of the troublesome spinning wheel  because it’s bringing big business for the Lindsays.

It’s the penultimate episode of “Freda False Friend”, so we will see another new story soon. Gail has found out Freda has been using her to spy on her father. But Freda learns something that could put everything right in the final episode. And “Made-Up Mandy” looks like it is building up to its finish as well, what with the drama and tension accelerating fast in this episode.

Emma Fielding, branded an outcast in “Mark of the Witch!”, is becoming more and more like what the villagers keep calling her – a witch and a bad lot – and Alice’s latest attempt to get through to her just gets her badly hurt. It looks like it’s set to get worse next week, because the blurb says the local authorities are going to take drastic action against Emma.

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