Jinty & Penny 8 November 1980

JInty Cover 2

  • Pam of Pond Hill (writer Jay Over, artist Bob Harvey)
  • Girl the World Forgot (artist and writer Veronica Weir)
  • Life’s a Ball for Nadine – first episode (artist Mario Capaldi)
  • Tansy of Jubilee Street (artist Ken Houghton)
  • Behind the Screen: Battlestar Galactica (feature)
  • The Face of Greed – Gypsy Rose story (artist John Armstrong)
  • Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Sue’s Daily Dozen (artist José Casanovas)
  • Child of the Rain (artist Phil Townsend)

Another sports cover by Mario Capaldi. The use of colour really brings it out in the way the yellow contrasts with the blue and purple backgrounds. It is one issue that does not feature Phil Gascoine’s artwork; his last story, “Tears of a Clown“, finished in the previous issue.

Replacing “Tears of a Clown” is  “Life’s a Ball for Nadine”, a story that is very unusual for featuring a black girl as its heroine. The Greystreet School netball team needs another good player, and they find that new girl Nadine Nash has a natural talent for netball. The trouble is, Nadine is more interested in disco. Sally and Sue are determined to bring Nadine over to the team. Can they succeed, or will it be a story of disco vs netball?

Disco dancing is also big in “Sue’s Daily Dozen”; the magic of the Daily Dozen has a couple dancing like frogs in a disco contest and they win hands down!

“Child of the Rain” approaches its climax. Ever since Jemma West hurt her leg in the Amazon, she has been filled with a strange energy whenever it rains. This has caused a lot of problems and now there is another – Jemma’s leg is suddenly hurting where the old wound used to be. Jemma won’t tell anyone in case she is pulled out of the tennis championship. But it looks serious, so how long can she hide it?

The Gypsy Rose story, “The Face of Greed”, is a reprint of one of the more frightening Strange Stories. Tina Daly, a greedy, unpleasant girl, suddenly finds herself encountering a hideous, terrifying face in the attic. She is convinced it is an evil spirit come to punish her for stealing and hiding Mum’s jewellery. However, the title and opening blurb suggest it is a reflection of Tina’s own personality!

In “Tansy of Jubilee Street“, Tansy is out metal-detecting, which provides a golden opportunity for a practical joke from Simon and Peter. It takes the form of a fake World War II mine set to detonation, but they did not think through the consequences – their prank has a bomb alert going out! And in “Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost”, Sir Roger tries painting while Gaye has a panic when she thinks she has turned into a ghost.

Girl the World Forgot” has another missed opportunity at rescue; a plane swoops over her but the pilot can’t see her because it’s bad weather. And to make it worse (though Shona doesn’t know it) her own father was on board as well. The incident inspires Shona to set up a beacon, but will it be her ticket to rescue?

“Pam of Pond Hill” is into her classic story of her school trip to France. It looks like it is taking unexpected twists, what with a mysterious boy stealing Fred’s shirt and their food. One suspects he is a runaway, and whatever the circumstances are, they are sure to cause problems for Pam & Co.



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