Jinty & Penny 22 November 1980

JInty Cover 6

(Cover artist: Mario Capaldi)

  • Pam of Pond Hill (writer Jay Over, artist Bob Harvey)
  • Girl the World Forgot (artist and writer Veronica Weir)
  • Sue’s Daily Dozen (artist José Casanovas)
  • Tansy of Jubilee Street (artist Ken Houghton)
  • Behind the Screen: Tiswas (feature)
  • Wheels of Fortune – Gypsy Rose story (artist Phil Gascoine)
  • Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Life’s a Ball for Nadine (artist Mario Capaldi)
  • Winning Ways 34: Netball – catching
  • Child of the Rain – final episode (artist Phil Townsend)
  • Up, Up and Away! (feature)

It’s the final episode of “Child of the Rain”. It is finally revealed that what gave Gemma such incredible strength when it rains is now threatening her very life because it infected her leg. When conventional medicine fails, all hopes are pinned on Dad’s medicine man friend in the Amazon.

The tension intensifies in “Girl the World Forgot” when it looks like the unfriendly presence on the island has now become so unfriendly that attempts are now being made on Shona’s life. And to make it worse, Shona blows her chance of rescue and escape by lighting her beacon for Guy Fawkes – only to have a ship pass by next day and no beacon with which to signal for its help! But the growing menace gives you the impression that the story is now building towards its climax.

Phil Gascoine rarely illustrated a Gypsy Rose story, but he does so here with “Wheels of Fortune”, about a car and a mascot who bring good fortune to their family. But, as Dad discovers (though he does not admit it), bad fortune comes if the family abandons them. Gascoine was between serials at this point, so perhaps that was why he was commissioned to draw this story.

In “Pam of Pond Hill”, Mr Glover the French teacher finds himself being arrested by the gendarmes because they think he kidnapped the mystery boy who has been hanging around the French school trip! The blurb for next week says the gang are going to have a day to remember. Let’s hope that’s not because they are all going to end up in the Bastille or something.

Nadine now counts herself in on the netball team and she’s Goal Attack! But she’s still thinking more of disco. And the Daily Dozen provides Sue with a witch’s outfit to go with her cauldron and potion making. When the villagers see, they applaud the old witch Gran Hayden and her Daily Dozen. Now that makes a delightful change from superstitious villagers hating and persecuting girls they believe to be witches, as they do in “Wenna the Witch” and “Mark of the Witch!“.


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