Jinty & Penny 31 January 1981

JInty Cover 4

(Cover: Mario Capaldi)

  • Pam of Pond Hill (artist Bob Harvey, writer Jay Over)
  • The Ghost Dancer (artist Phil Townsend)
  • Gail at Sea – Gypsy Rose story
  • Behind the Screen: The Generation Game (feature)
  • Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Tansy of Jubilee Street (artist Ken Houghton)
  • Land of No Tears (artist Guy Peeters, writer Pat Mills)
  • No Medals for Marie (artist Phil Gascoine, writer Alison Christie)
  • Life’s a Ball for Nadine (artist Mario Capaldi)

Another solid sports cover from Mario Capaldi, and the complementary use of purple and yellow really brings it to life.

Cinderella pantos feature in two stories in this issue, would you believe? Tansy has put up her Cinderella shoe to remind herself of the day she put her foot in it. That was the day she suggested a Cinderella pants for raising funds for the youth club and ends up lumbered with organising the whole thing. She thinks she has everything pretty much sussed – until she finds herself blackmailed into having snobby Angela playing Cinderella!

And blackmail is the reason why Marie Smart deliberate makes a mess of her role as Prince Charming in her own Cinderella panto. Her jealous godmother has her deliberately failing at things because of her sick brother – win no medals, or no country estate that the sick brother desperately needs to mend his health.

The cruelty of the “Land of No Tears” strikes you anew with sickening horror in this issue. Gamma girl Grizelda has her grimy hands scrubbed until they are raw and bleeding by the cold hearted Perfecta in the name of cleanliness. And Grizelda is still expected to go on working, regardless of the state of her hands. However, the incident finally persuades the Gamma girls to follow Cassie’s plan to win the Golden Girl award, and they find a star hope in Miranda. But then Miranda backs out unexpectedly. Why?

Pam of Pond Hill starts a new story. She decides she wants to pursue a career in journalism, and makes a start with submitting an article against school uniform to the local newspaper. Will it get her launched, and where will this latest thread take the strip itself?

It looks like “The Ghost Dancer” has been rumbled. Dad realises Ferne has been faking paralysis and to prove it he leaves her out where she has to walk back. But Ferne refuses to fall into his trap and prove his point. Which battle of the wills is going to win next week?

Netball gets Nadine an unexpected bonus in this issue – meeting Disco Dave, her favourite disc jockey!


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