Het gebeurde in Parkzicht – query

Marc has sent in a question. “It would be interesting to find out the original publication of 33, ‘Het gebeurde in Parkzicht’. That is one of the best stories I’ve ever read in Tina. It’s a hospital/nurse story, in which several storylines were going on at the same time. It lasted for 15 episodes (45 pages) in early 1977. But I think the original might have lasted even longer, because the end we got offered is satisfactory, but you feel there could have been more after it.
It is not quite clear where it might have been published. The Dutch Tina most of the time used stories from IPC, but it’s not from Jinty, Lindy, Tammy, Sally or Sandie. I doubt it’s from (Princess) Tina. It might be June, but I also doubt that. But there are not many other options if it is IPC, are there?”

Here is a scan from the Dutch translation – the first page of the story, taken from Catawiki. Does anyone have any ideas on what the original might have been? NB the Dutch story title translates literally to “It Happened In Parkview”.

Het gebeurde in Parkzicht

Edited 31 May 2015 to add:

Recently-joined reader Orangetree has sent in scans of the Indonesian translation, just called “Sonya”. It is clearly drawn for a British publication originally, as the policemen wear the typical helmet. No further clues from the title page or other publisher information, sadly.

Nina title "Sonya" page 15


16 thoughts on “Het gebeurde in Parkzicht – query

  1. Thank you for posting this. It might also help identifying the artist. I’ve been able to trace some stories by Googling on artist’s names.

    1. I now think the artist may be Juan Boix, who drew some stories for Sandie – in looking at the 4 issues of Sandie I have, he has signed two stories where the art looks very similar.

      1. I think it could be Juan Boix, but I don’t think it is. His style is less ’round’ and more ‘edgy’, if you know what I mean.

  2. Doesn’t ring any bells for me. Diana and School Friend sound like the only possibilities left.

    You could also check out the comicsuk forum.

    1. Mistyfan, could you possibly post about it on the ComicsUK forum? Marc has previously had difficulties joining it and I’m not on it either. Thanks in advance…

      1. Great. Let’s hope someone recognises it. Someone on the forum mentioned it could be from a comic for slightly older girls. That could very well be.

  3. So far no luck on comics UK. But a little time might do the trick. If nobody recognises it, someone might do so at a later date.

    1. Yes, who knows. Perhaps there’s someone like me, who’s reading the posts on the forum regularly. and is anxious to participate in several of them, but can’t seem to get a membership going. 🙂

      1. Someone may reactivate the thread later on, with some information. It’s happened with other threads.

  4. Off topic: I finally received a message that my account on comicsuk has been activated, so I can join the forum over there!

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