Katy. This is a title that is so obscure that I cannot find any piece on it or jpegs on the Internet (save at a recent eBay auction, which are reproduced here). The only source on Katy so far is this thread from Comics UK forum http://comicsuk.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=140&t=6484

Katy lasted ten issues. She appeared fortnightly, from #1, 31 October 1986 to #10, 6 March 1987. She then merged with Barbie.

What gives Katy her place on this blog is that she reprinted some stories from Jinty. Other reprints came from Tammy, Misty, Whizzer & Chips, Sandie, and other sources that have not yet been identified. The beauty is that Katy reprinted the stories in full colour!

If anyone can supply further information on Katy it would be most appreciated.

Stories in Katy

Creepy Crawley – Jinty

Combing Her Golden Hair – Jinty. Retitled “Comb of Mystery”

Alone in London – original comic unknown

The Upper Crust – Tammy

Witch Hazel – Tammy

Guitar Girl – Tammy

Claws (cat cartoon) – Whoopee!

The Cats of Carey St – Misty

Sister to a Star – Sandie

Minnie’s Mixer (cartoon) – Whizzer & Chips

The Petticoat Pirate – original comic unknown

Dora Dogsbody – Jinty


Update: Further scans are now available. They have established that most of the Katy covers were reproduced from Princess Tina, such as this one. All the covers were also used for the Dutch Tina.23ubw2a

And the following scans of the contents have been added. “Comb of Mystery” is “Combing her Golden Hair” under a new title.

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13 thoughts on “Katy

  1. Do you have a scan of “Alone in London” and “The Petticoat Pirate”? For all the stories reprinted in colour in Katy they used the colourized versions from Tina from the Netherlands, so I might be able to identify these stories.

      1. I have all 10 issues. I could scan an episode of each if you could let me know how to upload them on here.

        1. Thanks Helen, that would be excellent! It might be easiest if you email me the scans (jenni dot scott at gmail dot com) and then I can upload them. No need to scan all of them but I’d think it would be great if you could do a couple of covers, and maybe a few pages from “Alone in London” and “The Petticoat Pirate” in particular are those are ones that need identifying still.

  2. As you see, the Katy entry has some new scans already thanks to our stirring up the Katy thread on Comics UK. I am pleased to help give this little-known publication some Internet attention that it had been seriously lacking until Japandroid put up the Katy thread that gave me enough information to start the entry. Thank you, Japandroid!

    1. Thank you. I can’t tell how many posts I have anymore with the new setup for doing posts.

      1. Yes, I must say the new setup is overall more annoying than helpful. I find that if you go to the ‘My Site’ link (probably on the top left of your browser window), you can access the Dashboard and other ones of the old setup links (for now at any rate). This means I am still able to work in the old ways – until they no doubt take it away at some point.

  3. This is a rare example of a comic I’d never heard of; have to look it up British Library. Alas, colourised or not, it acts as a precursor to the way a lot of other comics went in not so many years: reprints galore. Eagle, Buster, Roy of the Rovers … unhappy days. Still it was good to see (from your site that is) that stories like Combing Her Golden Hair were put before a new audience – or very possibly, an old one with a long memory! Only conceivable fault is the psychological horror of again seeing Tamsin’s pigtails almost cut off – I’d hate to lose mine…

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