9 thoughts on “Tammy annual 1986

  1. I bought this annual a few years ago in the hope they might’ve published unseen material from the post-cancellation days. I’m sure you know that my pinning hopes on finding any such thing in back numbers of Girl comic was pointless. The 1986 Scream Holiday Special had printed the cover of the unpublished issue 18, along with revealing the face of Ghastly McNasty which Scream readers had been previously encouraged to draw, so this gave me hope. I was dismayed to find the annual chock-a-block with the reprints that you mentioned and looking at Tammy from ’81 in the (sadly now closed) Colindale Newspaper Library I spotted most of them. What a wasted opportunity.

    1. Maybe the Tammy holiday specials carried some of the unpublished material from the cancellation, just as the Scream holiday special did.

  2. I’ll have to see if the British Library holds these specials but I don’t think we’ll be in luck. For one thing, having read A LOT of comics there, holiday special were usually (but not always) bound in with the comic’s weekly issues; they don’t seem to have taken that many holiday specials of comics that’d ended. For another, if they did contain unpublished material, I think someone would’ve found out and disseminated the information by now. BTW I looked up Jinty from 1979 yesterday and was able to read The Forbidden Garden in full, which I’d only seen a few chapters of in Tammy; a slight victory over the strikers, I thought. The story was far better than silliness about living handbags!

    1. I still wish we could find the ending to “Cora Can’t Lose”. It would also be nice to know how the others, such as “I’m Her – She’s Me!” would have ended as well. Scream got a better deal than Tammy in terms of its loose ends from the strike.

  3. It’s often overlooked that 2000AD also ended abruptly on 7th July, and thankfully came back on 4th Aug. It might not have done; the ones we’ve talked about didn’t. The strike affected the galaxy’s greatest comic the same week as The Ballad of Halo Jones began, so one wonders if Alan Moore got on the phone to whoever saying “Me and Ian [Gibson] have been working hard, can’t you sort things out?” Moore DOES consider himself an anarchist after all.

    1. Yes, but Tammy was due for cancellation anyway – 2000AD was not. August was set to be D-Day for Tammy, but then the strike came. By the time it was over, it would have taken them longer to finish Tammy’s stories before the cancellation. So they just let it drop instead.

  4. How do you know it was approaching cancellation? You seem to have info I lack. I know it’d started to use reprints, e.g. Angela Angel Face, a sure sign of hard times come. Dropping it quietly seems to puncture any hopes I have about finding lost material anywhere – IPC would presumably have wanted to avoid too many questions and complaints.

  5. Only a few more comments on this upsetting subject (and I never even read Tammy originally!). Ending in August makes me wonder what would have happened to the Forbidden Garden; it had 15 episodes to go after 23 Jun. It could have carried on in reprint form after the merger, as did Stefa’s Heart of Stone when Princess folded (two Battle stories did the same when it merged with Eagle in 1988; unusual, but not unknown. Also, Tammy ending in August would have been near its 700th issue; it’s sad when a comic ends on its birthday or a milestone, as Dandy readers found out 28 years later.

    1. In an issue or two, Forbidden Garden had a double-up episode – always a sign that they were trying to clear out a story quickly. Once Cora finished (if it had the chance) there would have been more scope for double-up episodes to clear it out as much as possible before the Girl merger.

      I also wonder about Secret Sisters, a story that had only just started with the last issue. Would they have tried double ups or four pagers to clear it out, or finish it off in the merger?

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