Jinty 5 April 1980

Jinty cover 5 April 1980

  • Spirit of the Lake (artist Phil Townsend, writer Benita Brown?)
  • Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones)
  • Bridge of Heart’s Desire – Gypsy Rose story (artist Trini Tinturé?)
  • Wildflower Wonderland (feature) – last part
  • The Venetian Looking Glass – (artist Phil Gascoine)
  • Alley Cat
  • Toni on Trial (artist Terry Aspin)
  • Sports Pages – Lorna Vincent; Winning Ways 11 (writer Benita Brown)
  • Rinty ‘n’ Jinty
  • White Water – (artist Jim Baikie)
  • Easter Bonnet Crossword
  • Tearaway Trisha – (artist Andrew Wilson)

Cover for

This is the issue before Penny merged with Jinty. The announcement (above) says that next week we say hello to Seulah the Seal, Tansy of Jubilee Street and Snoopa. So what ends in this issue that gives way to them?

Nothing much, really. Pam takes a break in this issue. But then her previous story finished last issue and they clearly wanted her to start with a whole new story for the merger – a wise decision. It is the last part of Wildflower Wonderland. And it sounds like it is the end of “Toni on Trial” soon, because Toni has at last found someone who could help clear her mother, and the blurb for next week tells us there will be another clue. Just as well, because the town is really rubbing Toni’s nose into her mother’s disgrace this time, with a cruel headline: “Brave Girl Saves Cup Her Mother Stole!” Poor Toni is in tears!

But all the other stories are still going strong and clearly have a way to go. “White Water” has been going as long as Toni, but there is no hint of it ending yet. Maybe there will be in the next episode or two. Trisha finally has an idea to raise the money for Fran’s operation, but Fran is not impressed with all the publicity and turning on Trisha big time. And Lucy is still haunted by the evil mirror and shoes that make her do things and go places she does not want.

The Gypsy Rose story, “Bridge of Heart’s Desire”, fills in the Pam slot this week. It is reprinted from June and will later be reprinted in Tammy. The story prompted a letter from one reader who said she turned this story into a play when her drama class was assigned a task of putting on their own play and nobody had any idea what to do. She went through her old Jintys and decided this story was just right for it. The teacher thought the end result was “very good”.

5 thoughts on “Jinty 5 April 1980

  1. It seems ‘White water’ was severely edited when it was published in Tina in the Netherlands. It ran for 18 3-page episodes, while in Jinty it ran for 22 3-page episodes, if I’m correct.
    But perhaps not that much is missing; in Jinty each episode had a panel on the first page with the same drawing of Bridie in a canoe, which we did not have over here. So to get rid of that, I guess they had to redo the whole story. I should check it, but my Tinas are not very accessible at the moment.

      1. Yes, it might be. I never had the idea anything was missing. But to chop 12 pages must have had at least some effect on the story. Or perhaps there were some episodes added because the story was so popular, and those were left out over here.
        Just like ‘The sea witches’ from Tammy. We had 48 pages in Tina, and in Tammy the story was 56 pages. I read the story at least a dozen times, so when I read it for the first time in English in Tammy a couple of months ago, I was wondering what was missing. It turned out that towards the end there were two complete episodes which don’t really add anything to the story, and may have been produced just because the story was so populair. So it was a wise decision of Tina to leave these out.

        By the way, I always thought the mother in ‘White water’ looked way too old. I guess Bridie must be around 15-16, but her mother looks like she’s passed 100!

        1. You should see the mother in “Two Mothers for Maggie” – also by Baikie. She looks much older! But then that is partly about the hard life that working class women had.

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