OuBaPo Experiment: Concrete Surfer II

In this OuBaPo experiment, I have taken the Concrete Surfer page from the OuBaPo page that had the pictures deleted, leaving only the text. The purpose was to create entirely new panels and artwork for the original text and see how the same text would work with completely new artwork. So I have created new panels for the text using a computer cartoon kit I picked up a while back. The designs in the kit are for horror, superheroes, romance, and humour with funny cats. The humour one was the only one I could use for this subject. So Jean & Co have been turned into cute cats as they speak the original dialogue.

Concrete Surfer cats

3 thoughts on “OuBaPo Experiment: Concrete Surfer II

  1. Great fun! I think this example really works well and highlights the strong story and characterisation. How easy or difficult did you find it to do compared to the version where you replaced the lettering? It reads as if perhaps it was easier, which is interesting if so, again highlighting the importance of the input of the writer. It can be easier to focus on the input of the artist in a comic but of course both are important!

    1. It took longer to put this together than the one where I changed the lettering (mind you, it came together quite easily and I didn’t get stuck for words much). Even with simple panels like these it can take time to work out all the graphics. I think mine is more expressive than the original. This is largely because the stencils only allow for frontal facial views. So each panel in which they appear has to show their faces and their expressions. But I think this develops the characters more, and it lends to the humour too. And I am so glad the kit had a stencil for a skateboard!

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