Last Misty Ever Published – 12 January 1980


  • Message from Misty
  • The Body Snatchers – final episode (artist Maria Barrera)
  • Country Churchyard – complete story (artist Mario Capaldi)
  • The Ghost Of Meggernie – text story
  • Friends – complete story
  • House of Horror – final episode (artist Isidro Mones)
  • Screaming Point! – final episode (artist J. Badia)
  • Crowning Glory – complete story (artist Mario Capaldi)
  • Miss T (artist Joe Collins)


Misty ends her run with #101, and there is “important news” (rather than the more usual “great news”) about her merge into Tammy next week. In the Misty message, Misty informs readers that she now has go back to the misty lands to fight dark forces. But so as not to deprive her readers of their spine-chilling stories, she is making arrangements with the Storyteller of next week’s Tammy to bring them, while at other times bringing them herself. She then refers readers to page eleven for the “important news”.

Misty Message

All of Misty’s serials end in this issue, so there are no unfinished Misty stories carrying on in the merger. But this is not the case with Tammy: for the first issue of the merger, “Sister in the Shadows” will be on its third episode, “Cindy of Swan Lake” and “Daughter of the Desert” somewhere around the middle, and “Make the Headlines, Hannah!” on the penultimate episode. Misty readers must have been a bit annoyed to start reading unfinished stories (though it was all too common with mergers). Since  Hannah was near the end, couldn’t Tammy have doubled her up a bit so she would finish before the merger issue, and perhaps hold off “Sister in the Shadows” for a couple of weeks to allow for it?

Message from Misty.jpg

It says something that Misty has no “Beasts” or “Nightmare” story in this issue, though the “Friends” story would qualify as a “Beasts” story as it features a dog. Still, it is appropriate that Misty finishes on one of her comeuppance stories, entitled “Crowning Glory”. Rona’s act of jealousy (drugging her cousin Catherine in order to cut off her golden hair until she is nearly bald) has consequences that Rona did not intend – a fall downstairs that kills Catherine. Manslaughter? Now that is something Misty will definitely not allow Rona to get away with, even though Rona is now stricken with guilt. The last two panels of Misty are dedicated to the crowning glory of Rona’s comeuppance:

Crowning Glory




3 thoughts on “Last Misty Ever Published – 12 January 1980

  1. During its rather short run, Misty didn’t go through major chances. But some things I find more or less interesting:
    – Misty started with only a few serials and several complete stories in each issue. Later in its run, the idea was perhaps to focus more on serials, but that idea was abandoned quickly, with issue 30 being the only one with just serials and no complete stories.
    – Misty first appeared on the cover in August 1978, and was a regular on the cover until March 1979. After that she was featured on the cover only three more times, including of course the final issue.
    – From September 1979 onwards, the new serials were no longer drawn by the regular artists who worked for Misty from the start, like Mario Capaldi, Brian Delaney, Jaime Rumeu and Eduardo Feito, but by other artists, like Jesús Redondo and Josep Gual. It seems they were trying to give Misty a different look with that.

    1. Funny how they made Misty a cover girl, so to speak. She got more exposure on the cover than Jinty (who appeared at times in the early days), and Tammy didn’t become cover girl as such until she combined forces with the girl in pigtails to become The Cover Girls. The girl in pigtails was called June in a complete story, but she started with the Sandie merger, I believe.

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