OuBaPo Experiment: Waves of Fear II

In my latest Jinty OuBaPo experiment, I have taken an entire episode – in this case the penultimate episode of Waves of Fear – and completely redrawn it using stock photographs and the cute cats from my computer cartoon kit. So Clare & Co have all been turned into cute cats, which also enables the episode to be rendered in a more cartoony fashion. The text stays the same, though in some cases I have added some touches of my own, such as changing some of the punctuation for dramatic purposes. I also took the opportunity to lay it into the spiteful Jean a whole lot more, whom I feel was not punished as much as she should have been in the original story. The original episode follows my Photoshop reworking of it.

Waves of Fear page 1

Waves of Fear page 2

Waves of Fear page 3

Original episode (click thru)


7 thoughts on “OuBaPo Experiment: Waves of Fear II

  1. You have turned the confrontation of Jean into a literal cat fight 🙂

    I enjoyed this: it’s good to see that the story still works when ‘cutiefied’ or indeed catified – it shows something of the robustness of the underlying story. It’s hard to read some of the word balloons though, and I can’t click through to enlarge the cat pages. Can you reload them larger, at all?

    1. I can’t get them larger. But I have redone some of the speech balloons, and they look easier to read now.

      Glad you like my redoing of the confrontation with Jean. I opted to make Jean a yellow cat as my dig at all those accusations of cowardice and bullying that were levelled at Clare.

  2. I wonder how an old Jinty story would look if it was turned into a photostory? I don’t have any models for it though. “No Medals for Marie” might work as a photostory. Others could be “The Ghost Dancer”, “Wanda Whiter Than White”, and “Ping Pong Paula”.

    1. It’s quite hard and time-consuming to do a photo story, and there are more constraints than with artwork I think (for instance it’s harder to do an SF or fantasy story convincingly I think, unless you have got good costumes or props, or indeed the ability to do good special effects). The stories you mention are pretty realistic and I think that would be a sensible choice, but even then it’d be jolly hard.

      1. Yes, a lot of Jinty stories such as “Waves of Fear” or “The Jinx from St Jonah’s” would not translate into photo stories.

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