Shirley Bellwood

Shirley Bellwood, who died in January 2016 aged 84, is probably particularly familiar to most readers of this blog as the key Misty artist, creator of the beautiful cover and interior images of the mysterious dweller in the Cavern of Dreams. However, as this very informative piece on Down the Tubes explains, she had a long artistic career from well before Misty was published, starting in the 1950s.

In the pages of Jinty, she was most usually seen as the illustrator of text stories in Specials and Annuals. There were one or two comics stories drawn by her but these were reprinted from earlier titles.


3 thoughts on “Shirley Bellwood

  1. There are some Jinty artists artists we haven’t covered yet, such as Bob Harvey, Audrey Fawley, the unknown Gwen’s Stolen Glory artist and Roy Newby.

    1. There are indeed. The detailed coverage of Shirley Bellwood on Down the Tubes after she died was too good not to link to as soon as I could, though.

  2. Incidentally that ‘Blue Love’ page was taken from the weekly Glamour comic rather than the digest series, which only featured text stories as far as I know.

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