Emilia Prieto

Thanks to a find by David Roach of a set of art samples, we are changing the attributions on this blog for two Jinty stories, from Cándido Ruiz Pueyo to Emilia Prieto.

  • Sceptre of the Toltecs (1976-77)
  • Kerry In the Clouds (1977)

Emilia Prieto is a mysterious artist; I cannot find out anything about her online. There is a Costa Rican artist and political caricaturist by the same name but nothing on the Spanish artist resource, Tebeosfera. She could be real but just not recorded anywhere – perhaps because of a short career or similar – or this name could be a pseudonym. If so then Cándido Ruiz Pueyo is a plausible candidate – looking on his Comiclopedia entry the style that the girls shoes are done in, and the way the signature is designed, are very similar.

Emilia Prieto

See also previous discussion on this subject.

Sceptre of the Toltecs pg 1 signature

Emilia Prieto only drew two stories for Jinty and I do not know of others for other girls comics. (Please let me know if you have more information!) “Sceptre of the Toltecs”, the first story, is rather too stiff for my taste, but in “Kerry in the Clouds” Prieto is much more in the swing of things, I think. I love the hairstyles and the attention to the details of textiles and clothing, and the faces have got lots of energy.

Kerry In The Clouds pg 1

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12 thoughts on “Emilia Prieto

    1. No we haven’t. Sceptre of the Toltecs is not a very strong story but Kerry in the Clouds is pretty readable.

      Of course there’s still lots of other stories to do too. They do take a little while though, what with digging out all the issues and re-reading.

  1. Kerry in the Clouds was published in Dutch girls’ magazine Tina in 1978 under the title ‘Klaartje in de wolken’. The signature indeed looks very much like Pueyo’s. But why would he use an alias? Are these stories from another publisher? Several stories by Candido Ruiz were also published in Tina.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I have now heard from Pueyo’s daughter, who says that he used a pseudonym due to the political situation in Spain in the 1970s. I am waiting to hear more details from her before publishing a fuller picture but it seems that yes, Pueyo did do the art credited to Emilia Prieto.

  2. In the final episode of “Kerry in the Clouds” there is one panel that is signed “Prieto 77”.

    1. Yes, the Sceptre of the Toltecs is also signed ‘Prieto’ but we now know it is actually Cándido Ruiz Pueyo writing under a female name and his wife’s surname. I must update the site details though, I haven’t fixed it properly yet.

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