OuBaPo: Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost I

In this OuBaPo experiment, I have reworked an episode of Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost using the horror templates for the characters in my computer cartoon drawing kit. The exception to this is Sir Roger himself. There was no knight in the kit, so I drew him myself, completely from scratch. My remodelling of Sir Roger turns him into a medieval knight instead of the Elizabethan knight he was in the original. I also established an unspoken rule that the face of my remodelled Sir Roger is never seen, even when he has his visor up. I also put more emphasis on the rust that the original was so proud of.

The horror templates also imposed two characteristics that make the OuBaPo different from the original. First, Gaye is turned into a woman instead of a teenage girl. Second, the templates impose a more Gothic setting than the original did. For this reason, some text and panels had to be removed as they would not work with the OuBaPo version. This inspired a further OuBaPo challenge – turn the episode into a one-page story instead of two. It would not work with every Gloomy Ghost story of course, such as the one where Sir Roger arranges an ‘accident’ for Gaye’s ghastly disco gear so he can get her into the Elizabethan dress that he thinks is more becoming. But it does raise potential for completely new Gloomy Ghost stories, which is something to think about.

The original episode follows my OuBaPo reworking.

Gayes Gloomy Ghost story final.jpg

Original episode


4 thoughts on “OuBaPo: Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost I

  1. I hope you had fun making the strip! Well done for drawing Sir Roger from scratch, he matches the other art well. Another unintended consequence of the horror templates is also that the figure for Gaye is blonde as well as being older – she looks much more princess-y and less cheeky or down to earth. Turning the keeper into a ghoul was rather fun though!

    1. The original Gaye had a bit of a mean streak and bullied Sir Roger sometimes, so I did not find her all that likeable. I wanted to do her differently. I’m glad you like my Sir Roger though.

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