OuBaPo Experiment: Single Panels

This OuBaPo experiment takes a new slant of creating new text in artwork that has had the original text removed. Instead of creating a whole new story by removing old text and putting in new text, into a page or episode, it does it with one panel, maybe one or two more. What new context, story, dramatic high point or humour might be created by reworking the text of just one panel? I have done one example below, with a panel from “Waves of Fear”:

OuBaPo panel
Panel with original text.
OuBaPo panel no text
Panel with text removed.

OuBaPo panel new text

Panel with new text.

I have added some more panels with text removed below. OuBaPo panel 4OuBaPo panel 6 no textOuBaPo panel 3 no textOuBaPo panel 7 no textOuBaPo panel 5 no text



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