OuBaPo Experiment: Single Panels IV

In my latest OuBaPo experiment, I have been wondering what could be created with select panels that focus on villains, but with the original text removed. What new context or story could be created by writing new text for select panels on villains? Could some villains be turned into heroes? Could winning or despicable villains be turned into losers or something comical? Or losing villains into winners? Or could roles be reversed, with the heroes becoming villains? To create food for thought I have uploaded select panels featuring villains with the original text completely removed. The panels come from both Jinty and non-Jinty stories, but all are IPC.





4 thoughts on “OuBaPo Experiment: Single Panels IV

  1. You can really see how the drawing of villains shows their villainy on their very faces and bodies! You’d think it’d be hard to turn the two Nazis, in particular, into something more positive or humorous. Some of the pictures are more neutral to start with, tho: like the girls with the placards.

    1. Oh, you think it will be too hard to turn the Nazis into something humorous, eh? Just watch me!

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