Launch of Misty Advert

I was doing some trawling through Tammy and came across the advertisement for the launch of Misty in Tammy 4 February 1978. Blurbs for “The Sentinels”, “The Cult of the Cat”, and “Moonchild” are used in the advert, though their titles are not mentioned. Oddly, the ad says Misty #1 goes on sale 30 January, but the actual issue went on sale 4 February. Perhaps Misty was originally scheduled for 30th January but was delayed until 4th February for some reason?


4 thoughts on “Launch of Misty Advert

  1. The reason for the 4 February date is that comics would normally use the date for the Saturday of the week they came out. The actual day of issue would also be on the front cover as EVERY TUESDAY for example.

  2. Briony- I used to pick up all my comics every Thursday from the newsagents.
    All comics have the week ending date on them (Saturdays date).

  3. I’ve just checked online the calendar for 1978, Briony, and that year Feb 4 was definitely a Saturday. The comic would nevertheless have been available for purchase in the shops on the advertised date of Monday Jan. 30.

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