Specky Hector’s History of Buster [1990]

As we are on the subject of Specky Hector aka Lew Stringer, here are the Specky Hector appearances in Buster on 26 May 1990, in honour of Buster’s 30th birthday.

Artist:  Lew Stringer

Birthday Buster 4

Birthday Buster 2Birthday Buster 3

Birthday Buster 3a


4 thoughts on “Specky Hector’s History of Buster [1990]

  1. These were as handy for newcomers as the “Do Me A Favour Buster” page was for me personally 8 years before; I didn’t Faceache started in Jet in ’71 till then! Too bad it “coincided” with the W&C merger.

    1. W&C – the last title that could possibly merge with Buster. Buster had already absorbed everything else it could possibly merge with, and with no further titles appearing there was nothing else to merge with it for the next 10 years until its cancellation. No new blood and readership from mergers to help keep it going.

      1. It wasn’t a great place for new readers to start; then again, W&C’s last few months had been awful as well. Reprints, reprints, reprints & heaps to come in Buster’s final 9 years.

        1. According to bustercomic.co.uk, there was only one new strip in Buster’s last 9 years. The rest were reprints.

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