John Armstrong (1923 – 2018)

I am very sorry to post the news that John Armstrong has just died. John Freeman from the DownTheTubes website has put together a tribute post, and additionally the site has got an interview “In His Own Words” detailing John’s comics career. Lew Stringer has also posted a tribute on his blog, with some great art samples included.

John Armstrong was a fantastic artist with an instantly recognizable style and great strengths in the key elements of girls comics. I am very glad that the Rebellion reprint of Bella came out in time for him to (hopefully) know that his work was being properly appreciated once again.

3 thoughts on “John Armstrong (1923 – 2018)

    1. It is a pity J.A. never drew anything for Jinty. His artwork only appeared as Strange Stories recycled as Gypsy Rose stories, such as “The Face of Greed”. I have wondered how, say, Land of No Tears or Battle of the Wills would have looked if J.A. had drawn them. J.A. would have been brilliant at drawing the sports, ballet and gymnastics aspects of them.

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