A History of Tammy Covers

In 1980 Misty merged with Tammy on 19 January. The cover girls persisted on the cover, but Misty brought about one major change logo-wise when she initially merged with Tammy – the floral pattern that had been part of the logo from the first issue was dropped. This was the last issue to feature it. The man advertising the exciting news looming for Tammy suggests that these changes might be a bit on the startling side, judging by his appearance. He looks like a cross between the Devil and Pickering in disguise. He would certainly have brought readers up short and caught their attention more as The Cover Girls covers don’t normally touch on hellspawn.


The first two issues of the Tammy & Misty merger still have The Cover Girls, but their humour is downplayed in favour of eerie, surreal spookiness because Misty is sharing the cover with The Cover Girls. This is the only time throughout the Tammy & Misty merger that Misty herself appears on any of the covers. The second Tammy & Misty cover has a top caption that is a pun on the cover theme, so there is still a dash of Cover Girls humour there.

Note that the floral pattern in the Tammy logo has disappeared. The logo still has the same style, but now it has solid letters. The solid lettering gives the Tammy logo a bolder and more mature look.

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After that it was pretty much business as usual for The Cover Girls. The influence of Misty was in name only on the cover. There were a couple of covers that could be considered an exception, though, in the early days of the merger. The “reader’s cover idea!” caption no longer appears, so Tammy was clearly not calling for any more readers’ suggestions for Cover Girl covers.

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6 thoughts on “A History of Tammy Covers

  1. There was another curious in-joke on the cover of the issue of 4 August 1979, where John Richardson seems to be making a rather backhanded acknowledgment to a distinguished colleague.

    (Not sure if this link will work)

    Also, I noticed one typo: On 7 February 1976 Tammy celebrated her fifth birthday.

    1. The link works. I wonder if the ice-cream man is based on Capaldi himself. The typo is fixed now, thanks.

  2. Quite possibly. I don’t know if Capaldi had a little moustache like this – can’t find any photos of him. The joke seems to refer to the Capaldi family ice cream business in Middlesbrough, that Mario apparently helped out with in his younger days.

    1. Now you have found a photo of Mario Capaldi at http://vandacapaldi.moonfruit.com we can see the guy on the cover does bear a resemblance to him. There is no moustache in the photo, but he could have grown one after it was taken. Thank you for the link.

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