A History of Tammy Covers

On 4 October 1980 Tammy announced that Tammy was going to have a complete makeover the following week. She was going to have a new look cover and logo to match. This meant that the 4 October 1980 issue (below) was the last to have The Cover Girls. It was the end of their run, which had lasted for seven years. It had begun with the Sandie merger, been developed even more through the June merger, and had come to an end during the Misty merger. The fact that they lasted this long is testament to how popular they were and how much they contributed to both the character and sales of Tammy.

Here Tammy appears to be paying homage to the spookiness of Misty by giving The Cover Girls a hair-raising scare when they watch a horror movie. The shadow that pot plant casts in the background makes the cover even more creepy.

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For the first time in Tammy history, Tammy is using the cover format of having the first page of a serial on the cover. Bella is an obvious choice because of her great popularity and would help the sales figures. Plus she’s starting a new story, so it’s the perfect opportunity for her to start her story on a cover spot.

The layout is similar to what Jinty used in her early years when she used the same format: Make the first panel the largest so it serves as a splash panel and catches the eye more. There are one or two more panels that act as an inset, but they do not crowd the cover.

For the first time in Tammy history, Tammy has changed her logo altogether. It is a bold, sans serif font with no sloping, and looks more modern. It has a white outline that makes it stand apart more from the logo box it is on, which is kept separate from the cover picture. The logo is not part of the cover picture at all, as the old logo had been. Having the logo, advertising and publishing information on the separate background of the logo box also helps them to stand out more as well.

However the new look was sad news for the Misty logo. It is now smaller in size and has lost its accompanying moon and bat. Only the Misty lettering remains. The new look Tammy is the first serious warning sign that the Misty logo is on its way to fading from the cover.

It was largely Bella who would lead these types of Tammy covers during this particular run. However “Sandy – A Girl Like You” and “Jump, Jump Julia” would do so as well.

Tammy cover 11 October 1980

On 7 February 1981 Tammy celebrated her tenth birthday. But she had lost her Cover Girls, so they could not be there to honour the occasion as they had done for her fifth. So she rallied all the regular Tammy characters and protagonists from current serials for a special commemorative cover drawn by Robert MacGillivray.

Tammy 7 February 1981
Tammy 10th Birthday issue 7 February 1981

On 28 November 1981 Jinty became the next comic to merge with Tammy. The cover layout was still the same and would remain so throughout the merger. Bella almost always led off the cover during the Tammy & Jinty merger, with some exceptions. The Jinty logo was large enough to break out of the logo box and be part of the cover picture, and its white oval background helps to make things even more eye-catching.

The Jinty logo was Jinty’s new look logo, which she had adopted only seven issues before the merger, after seven years of using pretty much the same logo. The Jinty logo must have been changed because of the upcoming merger. Come to think of it, the new Jinty logo would have been easier to incorporate into the Tammy logo layout than its predecessor because it is shorter. This is because it has such narrower spacing and the letters bunch up against each other whereas the old one had more spaced out lettering, which made it larger.

The blue background changed from blue to yellow with the Jinty merger. Presumably this was because the Jinty logo was not yellow as the Misty logo was. The yellow also makes the cover brighter.

Tammy cover 1

The Tammy & Jinty issue for 10 July 1982 ended the run for that particular merger. This was not just because Tammy was dropping the Jinty logo. It was also because Tammy was about to get a completely new makeover, the most radical she had ever had in her entire history. This would include a whole new cover layout, and logo to match.

Tammy and Jinty cover 10 July 1982

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6 thoughts on “A History of Tammy Covers

  1. There was another curious in-joke on the cover of the issue of 4 August 1979, where John Richardson seems to be making a rather backhanded acknowledgment to a distinguished colleague.

    (Not sure if this link will work)

    Also, I noticed one typo: On 7 February 1976 Tammy celebrated her fifth birthday.

    1. The link works. I wonder if the ice-cream man is based on Capaldi himself. The typo is fixed now, thanks.

  2. Quite possibly. I don’t know if Capaldi had a little moustache like this – can’t find any photos of him. The joke seems to refer to the Capaldi family ice cream business in Middlesbrough, that Mario apparently helped out with in his younger days.

    1. Now you have found a photo of Mario Capaldi at http://vandacapaldi.moonfruit.com we can see the guy on the cover does bear a resemblance to him. There is no moustache in the photo, but he could have grown one after it was taken. Thank you for the link.

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