Tammy and Princess 2 June 1984

Cover artists: Trini Tinturé and Juliana Buch

Bella (artist John Armstrong, Primrose Cumming)

No Use to Anyone! (artist Eduardo Feito)

Pride of the Lamports (artist Hugo D’Adderio) – Pony Tale

Pam of Pond Hill (artist Bob Harvey, writer Jay Over)

Shape Up to Summer with Bella (feature)

Stefa’s Heart of Stone (artist Phil Townsend, writer Alison Christie) – final episode

Take the Plunge! (Mari L’Anson) – feature 

The Button Box (artist Mario Capaldi, writer Alison Christie)

I’m Her – She’s Me! (artist Phil Gascoine)

Cora Can’t Lose (artist Juliana Buch)

Sadie in Waiting (artist Joe Collins)

We now come to the end of our Tammy June month round with June 1984. In fact, this was the last month Tammy would ever appear. She was cut off by a strike with the 23rd June issue and was not brought back to finish her stories. Everything was forever left tantalisingly unfinished.

If not for the strike, Tammy would have been cancelled in August for her own merger into Girl (second series). As June progressed, there were signs of Tammy heading for the merger, with some double episodes and the disappearance of the Princess logo on her last published issue. Princess had only merged with Tammy two months earlier, so her logo lasted the shortest of any comic to merge with Tammy. The Tammy logo had also changed with the merger, going from straight colour to an eye-catching rainbow colour. Many of the covers are pretty summer scenes (well, it was summer) and an inset of a story panel.

For the moment, the buildup to the Girl merger has not yet started. Tammy’s still on the Princess (second series) merger. “Stefa’s Heart of Stone”, which came over from Princess (reprinted from Jinty), finishes this week. This was the last story to be completed from Princess. This will give more scope for the buildup to the merge with Girl.

Right now, it’s pretty much business as usual. With the last of the serials from Princess gone, Sadie in Waiting is the only Princess feature remaining. The current serials could be scripted for either Tammy or Princess. The one remembered the most is “Cora Can’t Lose”, which built up to an exciting conclusion, only to be cut off by the strike, to the eternal frustration of readers. The other serials that started in the remaining weeks of Tammy got cut off as well. But it may not be too late, even all these years later. Perhaps Rebellion can do something to redress the matter. 


5 thoughts on “Tammy and Princess 2 June 1984

  1. Had there been an issue #692 (30/6/84), there may have been episode 5 of The Forbidden Garden, with Cora Can’t Lose’s end freeing up space from the following week. If they’d have published two instalments of TFG thenceforth, as they did on 16/6, a final date for Tammy is suggested as 18/8/84, issue #699. Not a joyful number to end on, but an August merger was on the cards anyhow. The Girl ‘anti-merger’ the following week MAY go some way to confirming all this speculation, but the strike obviously changed whatever had been planned. The occasional reappearance of lost pages from Scream gives us hope, however faint.

    1. I have the Girl anti-merger (25 August 1984) in question. The only thing Tammy is its logo appearing on the cover, and that’s it. Girl readers must have wondered what it was doing there.

      Someone has written on the cover, in pencil, “first combined issue”. So you’re right: 18 August 1984 was set for the final issue of Tammy.

      1. Thank you: but as I said I indulged in a good deal of speculating. What else could I do? It was based largely on Dear Diary – I Hate You! doubling up several episodes due to the Princess merger, and the belief IPC wouldn’t have been silly enough to have reprinted a 19-part story within two months of Tammy’s closure. After 29/9/84, Girl dropped Tammy’s logo to make way for its new look; hadn’t done a bit of good and there’d only have been a few pages for hand-drawn stories anyway. Wouldn’t mind finding out what Pat Mills’ views were about all this, even though I realise he was busy with Charley’s War, Nemesis etc. elsewhere.

        1. I wouldn’t mind knowing Pat Mills’ views about this either. But I imagine they are probably very dim ones. Anyway, I doubt I would have enjoyed a Girl & Tammy merger much. The mix of comics would have been terrible, and there was not much room in Girl for Tammy unless she culled something (one of her photo story slots, for example).

          I wonder if any of the unfinished stories turned up later in the Dutch translations? If so, that might be one way to track down the endings.

    2. They might also have cut some material from TFG. They did that with “The Human Zoo” reprint during the Jinty merger because of the upcoming new look Tammy.

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