Combing Her Golden Hair (1979)

Sample images Click thru Click thru Click thru Colour reprint as “Comb of Mystery” in Katy Publication: 1/9/79-8/12/79 Reprint: Katy as “Comb of Mystery; Tina Topstrip as Dutch translation Artist: Phil Townsend Writer: Unknown Plot: Tamsin Tregorren lives with gran (her dad is often away at sea). Gran is a fearsome, iron-willed woman who is very old fashioned and strict with Tamsin. … Continue reading Combing Her Golden Hair (1979)

Latin Translations of Jinty Titles II: A Selection

I have been working on more Latin translations of Jinty serials. In line with Comixminx’s entry on Portuguese translations, I have taken a select few from the list and provide some commentary on them rather than posting a long list as I did before. Malincha et sceptrum magicum (Malincha and the Magic Sceptre i.e. Sceptre … Continue reading Latin Translations of Jinty Titles II: A Selection

Portuguese Translations of Jinty Titles

Following on from Mistyfan’s post where she had a go at translating a number of Jinty story titles into Latin, I am going to do the same for a (smaller) number of titles. Latin is not one of my strengths though, so I will be using a modern language – namely, Brazilian Portuguese. (I was … Continue reading Portuguese Translations of Jinty Titles

Moonchild [1978]

Sample Images Published: Misty 4 February 1978 – 29 April 1978 Episodes: 13 Artist: John Armstrong Writer: Pat Mills Translations/reprints: Misty annual 1983; Misty Vol. 1 2016, published by Rebellion Plot All Rosemary Black wants is to lead a normal life and have friends, but she does not get much chance at home or at … Continue reading Moonchild [1978]

Jinty and Penny 14 June 1980

Stories in this issue: Pam of Pond Hill (artist Bob Harvey, writer Jay Over) Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones) Tearaway Trisha (artist Andrew Wilson) Snoopa Seulah the Seal (artist Veronica Weir) The Venetian Looking Glass (artist Phil Gascoine) Tansy of Jubilee Street (artist Ken Houghton) Virginia Wade and Winning Ways 13: The Crouch Start … Continue reading Jinty and Penny 14 June 1980

Jinty 8 December 1979

Combing Her Golden Hair – final episode (artist Phil Townsend) Waves of Fear (artist Phil Gascoine) Alley Cat My Heart Belongs to Buttons (artist Peter Wilkes) Toni on Trial (artist Terry Aspin) Sports Pages – Supersonic Sonia White Water (artist Jim Baikie) Tale of the Panto Cat – first episode Black Sheep of the Bartons … Continue reading Jinty 8 December 1979


Katy. This is a title that is so obscure that I cannot find any piece on it or jpegs on the Internet (save at a recent eBay auction, which are reproduced here). The only source on Katy so far is this thread from Comics UK forum Katy lasted ten issues. She appeared fortnightly, from … Continue reading Katy

Reprinted stories

A number of stories in Jinty were reprints from elsewhere: Reprinted in the weekly comic: “Angela Angel-Face” ran in Jinty in 1980. It was originally printed in Sandie (date unknown) and subsequently printed in Tammy (1984). “Barracuda Bay” ran in Jinty 1975. It originally appeared in June 23 May 1970 -19 September 1970. Strange Story … Continue reading Reprinted stories