Monster Tales [1982]

Sample Images   Published: Tammy & Jinty 9 January 1982 to 10 July 1982 Artists: Hugo D’Adderio, Phil Townsend, Mario Capaldi, Ken Houghton, Jaume Rumeu, John Richardson, Peter Wilkes, Manuel Benet, Tony Coleman Writers: Roy Preston? Others unknown Monster Tales was a very unconventional feature that started during the Tammy & Jinty merger. As the … Continue reading Monster Tales [1982]

Tammy 16 July 1983

Namby Pamby (artist Eduardo Feito, writer Ian Mennell) Horsepower! (artist Julian Vivas, writer Chris Harris) – A Pony Tale Backhand Play (artist Phil Gascoine, writer Ian Mennell) Portrait of Doreen Gray (artist Tony Coleman, writer Charles Herring) Bella (artist John Armstrong, writer Primrose Cumming) The Button Box (artist Mario Capaldi, writer Alison Christie) The Lady … Continue reading Tammy 16 July 1983

John Richardson: Comics Bibliography

Goof from the Comics UK Forum has kindly supplied a list of the comics work done by John Richardson over the years. Misty Serials: End Of The Line… 12/08/78 – 18/11/78 Short Stories: Red Knee – White Terror! (Beasts Story) 4/2/1978 Green Grow The Riches – O! 18/2/1978 The Dummy (Nightmare Story) 25/2/1978 The Secret … Continue reading John Richardson: Comics Bibliography

Danger Dog [1982]

Sample Images  Published: Tammy & Jinty 9 January 1982 to 17 April 1982 Episodes: 15 Artist: Julio Bosch Writer: Unknown Translations/reprints: None known Plot It is slightly ahead in the future (from the time of writing). Beth Harris’ town has a cruel practice in regard to stray animals: rounding them up and taking them to High Fell Research Station for … Continue reading Danger Dog [1982]

Tammy & Jinty 9 January 1982

Bella (artist John Armstrong) Danger Dog – first episode (artist Julio Bosch?) Pam of Pond Hill (artist Bob Harvey, writer Jay Over) The Shadow of Sherry Brown (artist Maria Barrera) Little Sisters – first episode (artist Mario Capaldi) Nanny Young – first episode (artist Phil Gascoine, writers Maureen Spurgeon and Tom Newland) Bessie Bunter – … Continue reading Tammy & Jinty 9 January 1982

Pre-Misty merger: Tammy 12 January 1980

Cover artist – John Richardson Contents Sister in the Shadows (artist Giorgio Giorgetti) Cindy of Swan Lake (artist Ana Rodriguez) Daughter of the Desert (artist Mario Capaldi) Important News for All Readers! (merger announcement) The New Girl – Strange Story Edie the Ed’s Niece (Joe Collins) Bessie Bunter Molly Mills and the Promotion – last … Continue reading Pre-Misty merger: Tammy 12 January 1980

Stories in other titles

This page is an index of posts about stories published in titles other than Jinty, giving historical context to the publication environment of the time. Battle The Terror Behind the Bamboo Curtain (1975) – war story featuring the struggle between (anti-)hero Big Jim Blake and well-named evil Japanese commander Sado. Bunty The first Four Marys … Continue reading Stories in other titles

Tammy and Misty 19 January 1980

Cover artist: John Richardson Bella – new story (artist John Armstrong) Daughter of the Desert (artist Mario Capaldi) Sister in the Shadows (artist Giorgio Giorgetti) Spider Woman – first episode (artist Jaume Rumeu aka Homero Romeu) Edie and Miss T (artist Joe Collins) Put Yourself in the Picture! – Quiz (artist Juliana Buch) Wee Sue … Continue reading Tammy and Misty 19 January 1980

Tammy 11 February 1984

Foul Play (artist John Armstrong, writer Ian Mennell) Cassie’s Coach – first episode (artist Tony Coleman but credited as George Anthony, writer Alison Christie) Julie’s Jinx (artist Julian Vivas, writer Nick Allen) Pam of Pond Hill (artist Bob Harvey, writer Jay Over) The Button Box (artist Mario Capaldi, writer Ian Mennell) Event of the Year … Continue reading Tammy 11 February 1984

Tammy 17 July 1982

Cat ‘n’ Mouse – artist Joe Collins Saving Grace – first episode (artist Juliana Buch, writer Ian Mennell) Moonlight Prowler – complete story (artist John Richardson – uncredited) Pam of Pond Hill – new story (writer Jay Over, artist Bob Harvey – uncredited) A Gran for the Gregorys – first episode (writer Alison Christie, artist … Continue reading Tammy 17 July 1982