The Black Widow (1978)

Sample Images Publication: Misty 17 June 1978 – 16 September 1978 Episodes: 14 Artist: Jaume Rumeu Writer: Bill Harrington Translations/reprints: Anita 1980 as De Zwarte weduwe [The Black Widow]; Misty Presents: The Jaume Rumeu Collection (2021) Sequel: Spider Woman, Tammy & Misty, 19 January 1980 – 22 March 1980 Plot  In “her silken lair, hidden from the eyes of the world” is … Continue reading The Black Widow (1978)

Spider Woman (1980)

Sample Images Published: Tammy & Misty 19 January 1980 – 22 March 1980  Episodes: 10 Artists: Jaume Rumeu 19 January to 1 March 1980; Mario Capaldi 8 March to 22 March 1980  Writer: Bill Harrington Translations/reprints: Misty Presents: The Jaume Rumeu Collection (2021) In the last entry we briefly touched on the subject of Spider Woman. So here she is … Continue reading Spider Woman (1980)

Top 10 Misty Villains

I now present my list of the top 10 Misty villains. In compiling it I found it hard to find a respectable number of seriously memorable villains in Misty’s run. This is likely due to Misty having fewer serials due to her stories having four-page spreads and a very high rate of complete stories. Plus … Continue reading Top 10 Misty Villains

Stories in other titles

This page is an index of posts about stories published in titles other than Jinty, giving historical context to the publication environment of the time. Battle The Terror Behind the Bamboo Curtain (1975), artist Giancarlo Alessandrini, writers Charles Herring (credited) Pat Mills, John Wagner, Tom Tully (?). War story featuring the struggle between “Big Jim” Blake and … Continue reading Stories in other titles

Jinty 8 July 1978

Stories in this issue: Dance into Darkness (artist Christine Ellingham unknown artist Concrete Surfer) Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones) Somewhere over the Rainbow (artist Phil Townsend, writer Alison Christie) Alley Cat (artist Rob Lee) Knight and Day The Zodiac Prince (artist Trini Tinturé) Clancy on Trial (artist Ron Lumsden) Slave of the Swan (artist … Continue reading Jinty 8 July 1978

First Misty Ever Published – 4 February 1978

Cover – (artist Maria Barrera) Message from Misty – (artist Shirley Bellwood) The Cult of the Cat – first episode (artist Jaume Rumeu, writer Bill Harrington) The Sentinels – first episode (artist Mario Capaldi, writer Malcolm Shaw) Paint It Black – first episode (artist Brian Delany, writer Alan Davidson) Moodstone – complete story – (artist … Continue reading First Misty Ever Published – 4 February 1978

Tammy and Misty 19 January 1980

Cover artist: John Richardson Bella – new story (artist John Armstrong) Daughter of the Desert (artist Mario Capaldi) Sister in the Shadows (artist Giorgio Giorgetti) Spider Woman – first episode (artist Jaume Rumeu aka Homero Romeu) Edie and Miss T (artist Joe Collins) Put Yourself in the Picture! – Quiz (artist Juliana Buch) Wee Sue … Continue reading Tammy and Misty 19 January 1980

Lights Out for Lucinda (1975-76)

Sample Images Published: Tammy 6 December 1975 to 7 February 1976 Episodes: 10 single episodes, 1 double episode Artist: Ken Houghton Writer: Unknown Translations/reprints: None known Plot Rich girl Lucinda Prior is a spoiled brat, and she guzzles a lot too (not to the proportions of Bessie Bunter but still telling). She has her chauffeur drive out to where her … Continue reading Lights Out for Lucinda (1975-76)

Swimmer Slave of Mrs. Squall (1974)

Sample Images Published: Tammy & June 22 June 1974 to 31 August 1974 Episodes: 11 Artist: Douglas Perry Writer: Gerry Finley-Day? Translations/reprints: None known Plot Sue Briggs is a difficult, underachieving girl at school. Her parents and headmaster come down hard on her and their approach – constantly compare her unfavourably with her brother Barney (sporty) and sister Muriel (studious) … Continue reading Swimmer Slave of Mrs. Squall (1974)

Tammy & Misty 16 February 1980

Cover artist: John Richardson Bella (artist John Armstrong) A Girl Called Midnight (artist Juliana Buch) – first episode Who’s Your Valentine? – Feature (writer Maureen Spurgeon) Spider Woman (artist Jaume Rumeu) Misty’s House of Mystery Game – part 3 Sister in the Shadows (artist Giorgio Giorgetti) Wee Sue (artist Robert MacGillivray) Sour Grapes for Sophie … Continue reading Tammy & Misty 16 February 1980