Children of Edenford (1979)

Sample images Publication: 24 February 1979 – 2 June 1979 Artist: Phil Townsend Writer: Unknown Summary Patti Anderson’s family are moving away from the grimy big city to the idyllic village of Edenford. All her friends and family are enchanted with this move, but Patti goes from first being cynical about it, to shortly being … Continue reading Children of Edenford (1979)

Boss of Beadle Street [1973]

Sample Images   Published: June & Pixie 31 March to 14 July 1973 Episodes: 16 Artist: Audrey Fawley Writer: Unknown Reprints/translations: None known Plot Liz Green is a very bossy, pushy girl, especially when she gets bright ideas about helping someone. She barges right in with her “help” without a by-your-leave or do-you-mind and won’t … Continue reading Boss of Beadle Street [1973]

Land of No Tears (1977-78)

Sample images (click thru) Publication: 5 November 1977 – 11 February 1978; reprinted 3 January 1981 – 11 April 1981 as a result of Pam’s Poll. Artist: Guy Peeters Writer: Pat Mills Summary Cassy Shaw was born with one leg shorter than the other and a consequent bad limp, but she doesn’t feel sorry for … Continue reading Land of No Tears (1977-78)