The Cinderella Theme

Pat Mills has said on online that the Cinderella theme was one of the lynchpins in girls’ comics. This feature will examine the Cinderella theme and how it played out in Jinty. As the name suggests, the Cinderella theme refers to stories where girls are treated like Cinderella. Their parents, step parents or other types … Continue reading The Cinderella Theme

Cinderella Smith (1975)

Sample Images Published: 22 March – 30 August 1975 (24 episodes) Artist: Trini Tinturé Writer: Unknown Translations/ reprints: None known Plot In all the years since Cindy Smith’s mother died, her life has been a succession of flats and hotels. This time, Dad means Cindy to have a settled home while he is away. So … Continue reading Cinderella Smith (1975)

The Slave Story Theme

Pat Mills has declared online that there were three lynchpins for a girls’ comic that he would have if he launched a girls’ title today: the Cinderella story, the friendship story and the slave story (personally, I would add the regular story, the spooky story and the funny story). Apparently when readership was taking a … Continue reading The Slave Story Theme

Story themes

Some key story themes based on categorisation by Briony Coote with amendments. Adventure story: a thrilling tale of lost lands and far-away travel. (“Alice in a Strange Land”, “Barracuda Bay”) Affliction: A girl is left disabled or suffering from a progressing illness. Either she is determined it will not stand in her way of realising … Continue reading Story themes

Bella at the Bar: Book One

  Tammy has now joined the slew of reprint volumes that Misty and Jinty are enjoying. And it makes sense for Tammy to begin with her most popular and enduring character, Bella Barlow. Bella never had the polarising among Tammy readership that Molly Mills had; many loved Molly while others hated her, frequently saying she … Continue reading Bella at the Bar: Book One

Sally in a Shell [1976]

Sample Images Published: Tammy 4 September 1976 to 20 November 1976 Episodes: 12 Artist: Juan Garcia Quiros? Writer: Unknown. Terence Magee Translations/reprints: None known Plot At Eastport holiday resort, the Shores run a deckchair hire business – with the younger daughter Sally doing all the work. Sally is the family drudge, mistreated and unloved by her father … Continue reading Sally in a Shell [1976]

The Valley of Shining Mist (1975)

Sample Images Published: 31 May 1975 – 1 November 1975 (23 episodes) Artist: Carlos Freixas Writer: Alan Davidson Translations / reprints: Het dal van de glanzende nevel (The Valley of the Shining Mist) in Tina 1977) Plot At the Cornish village of Armfield, Debbie Lane has lived with her aunt, uncle and cousin Elaine ever … Continue reading The Valley of Shining Mist (1975)

Tammy’s 10th Birthday Issue

Cover artist: Robert MacGillivray Characters/serials on the cover: Sandy Rawlings; Molly Mills; Belinda Bookworm; Wee Sue; Bella Barlow; Mary Moldesworth from Bessie Bunter?; Push-along, Patti; Bessie Bunter; Miss Bigger  Bella (artist John Armstrong) The Black and White World of Shirley Grey – first episode (artist Diane Gabbot, writer Jake Adams?) Push-along, Patti (artist Juliana Buch) … Continue reading Tammy’s 10th Birthday Issue

Jinty 9 September 1978

Dance into Darkness (artist Christine Ellingham unknown Concrete Surfer artist) Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones) Somewhere over the Rainbow (artist Phil Townsend) Was My Face Red! (feature) No Cheers for Cherry (artist Phil Gascoine) Wild Rose – (artist Jim Baikie) Clancy on Trial (artist Ron Lumsden) The Human Zoo – (artist Guy Peeters) 7 … Continue reading Jinty 9 September 1978

Jinty 26 August 1978

Dance into Darkness (artist Christine Ellingham unknown Concrete Surfer artist) Wild Rose – (artist Jim Baikie) Somewhere over the Rainbow (artist Phil Townsend) Knight and Day – last episode Merry-Go-Round Mobile part 3 (feature) Clancy on Trial (artist Ron Lumsden) Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag! (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones) The Human Zoo – (artist Guy Peeters) 7 Steps … Continue reading Jinty 26 August 1978