Dracula’s Daughter (1981)

Sample Images Publication: 13 June 1981-19 September 1981 Artist: Mario Capaldi Writer: Unknown A ranting, raving, power-mad headmaster who tyrannises his new school with his ideas of discipline and how schools should be run – with hard work, discipline, and totally serious study. No fun or free-and-easy teaching methods – Heaven forbid! As far as this … Continue reading Dracula’s Daughter (1981)

Boss of Beadle Street [1973]

Sample Images   Published: June & Pixie 31 March to 14 July 1973 Episodes: 16 Artist: Audrey Fawley Writer: Unknown Reprints/translations: None known Plot Liz Green is a very bossy, pushy girl, especially when she gets bright ideas about helping someone. She barges right in with her “help” without a by-your-leave or do-you-mind and won’t … Continue reading Boss of Beadle Street [1973]

Daddy’s Darling (1975)

Sample images Published: 8 March 1975 – 16 August 1975 Episodes: 24 Artist: Phil Townsend Writer: Alison Christie Translations/reprints: None known Plot Lee Simons is the daughter of a wealthy businessman, though not all is smooth sailing in their lives: her elder brother Peter was knocked over and killed while riding his bike and a … Continue reading Daddy’s Darling (1975)

Jinty & Penny 13 June 1981

(cover artist: Mario Capaldi) Pam of Pond Hill (artist Bob Harvey, writer Jay Over) Food for Fagin – first episode (artist Trini Tinturé) There’s No One Quite Like Grandad – text story (artist Mario Capaldi) The Resting Place – Gypsy Rose story (artist Veronica Weir) Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones) Tansy of Jubilee Street … Continue reading Jinty & Penny 13 June 1981

Mario Capaldi

Mario Capaldi (1935-2004) is an odd case of a key Jinty artist. He had a uniquely visible position as a long-term cover artist during not just one but two time periods, strongly setting the visual identity of the comic. Like fellow British artist Phil Townsend, Mario Capaldi had a very solid style, strongly grounded in … Continue reading Mario Capaldi

A Jinty Sampler, Part III

This is the final of three Sampler posts, the aim behind which is partly to give me a good excuse to range over all the years of Jinty‘s publication (rather than taking ages to get to the later issues), and partly to help look for some of the changes over time that are otherwise rather … Continue reading A Jinty Sampler, Part III

Jinty & Penny 25 July 1981

(Cover artist: Mario Capaldi) With Best Wishes… – text story (artist Mario Capaldi) Dracula’s Daughter – (artist Mario Capaldi) Holiday Hideaway – (artist Phil Gascoine) – first episode The Veiled Threat – Gypsy Rose (artist Tony Highmore) Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost – (artist Hugh-Thornton Jones) Happy Ever After – special feature Tansy of Jubilee Street (artist … Continue reading Jinty & Penny 25 July 1981

Jinty 1 August 1981

(Cover artist: Mario Capaldi) Dracula’s Daughter (artist Mario Capaldi) Holiday Hideaway (artist Phil Gascoine) For Pete’s Sake – text story (artist Mario Capaldi) The Witching Bones – Gypsy Rose (artist Veronica Weir) Gaye’s Gloomy Ghost (artist Hugh Thornton-Jones) Snoopa (artist Joe Collins) Tansy of Jubilee Street (artist Peter Wilkes) Angela’s Angels (artist Leo Davy) The … Continue reading Jinty 1 August 1981

Final Jinty 21 November 1981

On 21 November 1981 the final Jinty was published. Inside: Exciting News For All Girls Who LIke A Good Read! Whether Jinty readers would really have been thrilled or excited by the news might well have been another matter. The Tammy & Jinty merger published two letters from former Jinty readers who weren’t. The last … Continue reading Final Jinty 21 November 1981