[Edited November 2016: this page was getting very long so I have split it into separate pages covering Analysis and Analytic MethodsBook Reviews, and Interviews. Please check those pages for relevant links. More general articles about Jinty and girls’ comics overall will remain on this page.]

Not strictly an article, but the ComicsUK forum has a fascinating long thread discussing ‘the 100 greatest serials in girls’ comics’ which features a number of summaries and scans of Jinty comics amongst others.

An article on European translations of stories from Jinty and other titles; and a follow-up article specifically on Dutch translations.

Female writers in a girls’ genre: thoughts on the women involved in producing a comic for a young female readership.

A post by Mistyfan on the Battle story from 1975 “The Terror Behind the Bamboo Curtain” – a story published in a boys’ story paper, but (in some ways) written according to girls’ comics formulas.

Posts (Part I and Part II) about the “Women Making Girls Comics” discussion held on 16 April 2016 at the House of Illustration, as part of the Comix Creatrix exhibition. Also a post about an aspect arising in discussion – were girls comics actually sadomasochism? I say not.

Brief post, ‘Memories triggered‘, on the longevity of memories sparked by reading girls comics.

2016 in review on the Jinty blog: a post reviewing activity on this blog during the year.

Hip, hip, hooray! Jinty would have been 43 today! A celebration of 600 posts on the blog and the anniversary of the first Jinty.

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