Book Reviews

Occasionally on this blog we may post reviews of related material such as reprints of reelvant material, books or magazines on girls’ or boys’ comics history, or academic work in this area. This page is where the links to those posts will be most easily visible. (Of course you can also look back at the individual posts in order of the date they were originally posted, by clicking on the ‘book review‘ tag.)

Dr Mel Gibson’s “Remembered Reading”: review and further thoughts.

A review of the 2016 Misty reprint published by Rebellion: Moonchild & The Four Faces of Eve.

A review of “The Mighty One“: Steve MacManus’ memoirs of his time at IPC / Fleetway, working on boys titles such as Battle and 2000AD. Again, lots of background knowledge and isights about the publishing and editorial processes can be gleaned from this.

Review of Hibernia’s “It’s Ghastly!” magazine published in 2016, which takes a look back at the short-lived IPC horror title, Scream!. The magazine includes useful insights into how IPC’s publishing processes worked, and lots of interviews with people who worked on the title in various capacities.