An important part of this blog’s activity is to interview various people who had some personal contact with the work of producing girls’ (and boys’) comics of the time. Ideally this would consist of interviews with creators themselves (or links to pre-existing interviews on other sites), but of course with the passage of time this is not always possible. In addition there are some interesting insights that other connected people can give us, of course – the original creators’ family may know some details, as well as people who worked in comics publishing at the time, in whatever capacity.

Interviews with creators, or other articles in their own words or about them, based on direct recollections

  • Writer Alison Christie: interview on her career and work
  • Writer Alan Davidson: memories sent in by his wife, Pat Davidson (part I, part II, part III)
  • Writer Anne Digby: interview on her work for Tammy and other girls comics
  • DC Thomson writer Maureen Hartley on cliffhanger endings
  • Not about Jinty but rather on stablemate Tammy: Jenny McDade wrote in 2008 about the early days of that title from a story writer’s perspective.
  • Writer Terence Magee: interview on his career and work
  • My interview with Pat Mills, conducted at Oxford comics convention CAPTION2004. [Links to]
  • Pat Mills confirms which stories he wrote for girls’ comics, and talks more about the differences between girls’ comics and boys’ comics. (October 2016)
  • Artist Cándido Ruiz Pueyo: interview with his daughter
  • Artist (and occasionally writer) Keith Robson: interview on his career and work
  • Brief comments by Brenda Ellis on the work of her late husband, Malcolm Shaw

Interviews on editorial or publishing processes and memories

  • An article about some of the processes and principles behind the script conferences held in the editorial offices in IPC/Fleetway.
  • An interview with Pete Wrobel about IPC/Fleetway and the NUJ with insight into the various bouts of industrial action.
  • Writer and editor John Wagner talks about his time working on girls comics, specifically on Sandie.
  • Writer and subeditor Rhoda Miller talks about her time working on girls comics and magazines, for DCT in particular.

Other interviews or memories from the time

  • Not exactly an interview, but covering memories of the time: an article based on the unprompted memories of adults of when they used to read girls comics, as shared by commenters on Mumsnet.