The problem of attribution

Artists and writers were not credited in Jinty. Where specific stories and artists were taken through to the Tammy era they may be identifiable from the credit boxes that were published from that point. Creators have also been identified through personal communications and interviews. Finally, artists can also be identified (not always as certainly) by similarity in art style to other strips credited elsewhere such as in 2000AD, or more definitively through signatures on their published strips. Some other discussions on sources and resources can be seen here.




  • Mavis Miller

26 thoughts on “Creators

  1. Other artists:

    Douglas Perry (Shadow on the Fen)
    Julian Vivas (Paula’s Puppets)
    Carlos Freixas (Wenna the Witch)
    Ana Rodrigues (Make-Believe Mandy)
    Veronica Weir (Girl the World Forgot)
    Roy Newby (Bound for Botany Bay)
    Rodrigo Comos (The Haunting of Form 2B)
    Paul White (Gertie Grit the Hateful Brit!)
    Hugh Thornton-Jones (Sue’s Fantastic Fun-Bag!)
    Ken Houghton (Bridie below the Breadline)
    Audrey Fowley (Make-up Mandy)
    Mario Capaldi (Dracula’s Daughter)
    Guy Peeters (Land of No Tears)
    Richard Neillands (Darling Clementine)
    Miguel Quesada (A Dream for Yvonne)
    Robert MacGillivray (Desert Island Daisy)

  2. The most important creator of all must surely be Mavis Miller, the Editor of Jinty.
    Mavis was behind many of the titles and ideas and inspired many writers and artists to excellence

  3. Maria Barrera was another artist. She drew only two Gypsy Rose stories, “The Gemini Girl” and “Hide-and-Seek with a Ghost!”

    1. Thanks, I’ve added her now. We did a pretty good stab at making a good long list of artists, but there are always some missed out here and there…

  4. There was another editor after Mavis, wasn’t there? I’m not sure what his name was.

    1. I can’t remember his name either, I think it has come up before but I might be making that bit up. In any case I am hoping that we will have plenty of info to do an Alan Davidson entry in a few weeks’ time (aiming for beginning of March) and I am told that this will include the working relationship between Alan Davidson and Mavis Miller, so perhaps it will also include a little about the transition point of moving to another editor.

  5. Do we count the artists whose artwork appeared in recycled Strange Stories in the Gypsy Roses or ones who drew exclusively for Jinty?

  6. You need to update the unknown Concrete Surfer artist on this page as she has now been identified.

    1. I had already added a line for her:
      Christine Ellingham (references and summary page on this site; previously referred to as ‘unknown artist ‘Concrete Surfer’, see below)
      but I hadn’t also changed the line for Unknown artist – doing it now.

  7. My mother Veronica Weir was an artist for Jinty for many years and worked in the publication for a few years before that. She also wrote the girl the world forgot. I would be happy to discuss what I know about this if you are interested in talking to Artists.

    1. Hello! Yes, I would certainly be interested in discussing what you know about this. I think you posted a comment on the blog right at the beginning, back in 2014, and I sent some questions through at that time, but perhaps that was not the right time or not the right format? (I am happy to resend the questions if that would be helpful.) I would be very interested to know what she did in the publication before she started to work for it as an artist herself.

      1. Yes I remember! I talked to Mum and wrote down her comments to the questions but lost those details and kept wanting to get back in touch with you, never getting round to it!! Please leave me some questions. Have you got an email address I should send information to?? Im a bit wary of posting details online until you have had a chance to review this information. Or is this not possible? What do you suggest? Mum is really fascinated that anyone out there could be remotely interested in her work!! She is 85 now and her memory is fading so I am keen to capture whatever information she can give us soon.

        1. I have sent you an email directly – the blog does record your email when you post a comment and so I am able to email you directly.

  8. Mavis was indeed brilliant to write picture stories for- very inspiring and lovely to meet. Had a very enjoyable lunch with her down in IPC. Great editor.

    1. The trouble with the Tammy credits is that they were not always accurate. Some did not use full names and others used pseudonyms. And reprints received no credits.

  9. I have to admit, it’s quite of a surprise to see Pat Mills’ name on the list, who created one of the most hard hitting stories back in the day for 2000ad and action/battle. He is truly the maverick creator. I wonder what are his thoughts on his most frutful, yet creatively diverse period.

    P. S do you know how can I check comments I made on WordPress?

    1. I don’t know how you can check your own comments exactly but I assume if you look under your account on WordPress (assuming you have one) it will show you that way?

    2. Also we have an interview with Pat Mills on this site: I’m on my phone so can’t link to it easily but if you look under the menu item for Creators you should find it.

      1. Oh yes, I have the account, but it seems I cannot find the option. But thanks anyway.

        Also, I will look up on Pat Mills interview. Thank you for that too.

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